4 Reasons to Consider Inpatient Drug Rehab Instead of a 12 Step Group

Reasons To Consider Inpatient Treatment Over 12-Step

Because the goal of any reputable inpatient drug rehab facility is the health of the patient, nobody can dismiss the benefits of a 12 step program for the addicts who become sober through such a process. However, a casual 12 step program doesn’t always provide the same level of care as the inpatient rehab near me.

The 12 step program works well when a drug or alcohol abuser needs only to find a group of sober friends with whom they can socialize, but the professional addict requires professional treatment as offered by an inpatient drug rehab, or perhaps an inpatient alcohol rehab as needed.

Detox and Change of Surroundings

An outpatient 12 step program does offer the support and friendship of other addicts who will cheer for newfound sobriety but does not remove the addict from the situation which led to the addiction in the first place. The 12 step program treats addiction as “the” disease, whereas a more holistic approach recognizes addiction as a symptom of various factors which require treatment of their own.

For those of us fortunate to have such access, there is an inpatient drug rehab nearby which offers safe and responsible detox while also providing a change of surroundings to remove the temptations which remain available to the addict who participates in group meetings to discuss their addictions.

Medications and Supervision for Safe Withdrawals

Quitting coffee or cigarettes, or even diet cola might only require willpower and an understanding of how to live a healthier life. Certain drug and alcohol addictions, on the other hand, can lead to severe health detriments or death when suddenly stopped without the appropriate treatment provided by inpatient drug rehab, or perhaps, inpatient alcohol rehab.

Withdrawals are not only uncomfortable for the patient but can potentially cause further mental and physical distress.

Each case is independent of the next, but some addictions require a doctor’s care and appropriate medications to wean the patient off the addiction. In other cases, there may be an underlying mental illness which was undiagnosed and staved off through self-medication.

Such an issue can only be resolved through an inpatient drug rehab near them which provides appropriate medical care rather than a local group of addicts who support each other through anecdotal tales and particular perseverance to the 12 step program.

Professional Resources and Advice

An additional resource provided by inpatient rehab near me is the availability of professionals who understand the intricacies and nuances of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

A really great 12 step program might provide support and anecdotal stories of previous drug and alcohol addictions, but does not offer appropriate medical advice to the addict who is new to finding sobriety and recovery.

Although there is nothing other than the best of intentions and shared kindness with a 12 step program, the people in such a program are not properly trained to provide appropriate care in the same way as an inpatient alcohol rehab.

Determination of an Ongoing Treatment Plan

A fourth and final reason to consider inpatient drug rehab instead of a casual 12 step program is the responsibility of ongoing care to prevent relapse while assuring the patient succeeds in their treatment.

A recent issue which has come to light concerning the 12 step program is that it doesn’t provide an addict with the necessary tools to cope with a relapse.

As great as the 12 step program can be as a support group for recovering addicts, it does not provide addicts with a reasonable means of recovery after a relapse


The fact is, any treatment is better than no treatment. The 12 steps program works for some people, not for others, but can be used as a valuable resource regardless of whatever else might happen within the life of a recovering addict or an active addiction seeking treatment. An inpatient rehab is better equipped to provide proper medical care and assure the long term well being of the patient.

Underlying conditions can be addressed through more formal treatment and result in longer stability of sobriety, but in the meantime, everybody has the same goals.

The addict may or may not realize it, but friends, family, and loved ones; the local 12 step meetings and people who attend; and the rehab center; all want the addict to find sobriety and fruition with a meaningful life outside of addiction.

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