7 Signs Your Loved One Is Addicted To Xanax

Xanax, also known by its generic name alprazolam, is one of the most commonly abused prescription benzodiazepines in the United States.

With so much focus on the opioid epidemic, other drugs of abuse often get overlooked.

An individual prescribed Xanax may develop an addiction over a long period of time. It’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of abuse and addiction in order to get someone the help they need.

The following list contains the most common signs your loved one may be struggling with an addiction to Xanax (alprazolam).

1. Major Behavioral/Personality Changes

If Xanax abuse is going on, your loved one may begin to act entirely differently than he or she did prior to using.

They may become easily angered or annoyed. They may seem “off” or generally pretty distant, like they are not grounded in reality. Xanax abuse also has side effects that may be contributing to the addicted individual’s erratic behavioral changes.

2. Lying About Xanax Use

The addicted individual may lie to cover up his or her bad behavior. They may seek sketchy ways of obtaining Xanax and also hide that from their loved ones so that loved ones or family members do not suspect that they are using the drug in any way that is less than ordinary.

Those struggling with Xanax addiction will want to keep their addiction a secret for as long as they can. This way, they can continue using without experiencing any outside input.

Lying is a form of denial. Denial keeps the addicted individual protected from having to experience any guilt, shame, or acknowledgement that they have become addicted to the substance.

3. Obsession With Xanax

Because addiction is all-consuming, addicted individuals will eventually focus on the object of their addiction. They become preoccupied with Xanax in a way that is obviously not normal for them.

This is because they actually need the drug to survive at this point. The addicted individual may go out of their way to obtain and/or seek out Xanax. The drug becomes their livelihood.

4. Loss Of Interest In Usual Activities

Activities or hobbies that may have been interesting and fun to the addicted individual prior to their Xanax use may not seem to interest them any more. They may seem entirely disinterested and detached.

This is because Xanax addiction has taken over and become the focus of all their energy and attention. Xanax abuse becomes the addicted individual’s main hobby and main activity. The individual struggling with addiction may even stop working at this point.

5. Interpersonal Relationship Strains

The addicted individual may also slowly drift away from friends and family members during this time. The addicted individual may notice that they are distancing themselves during this time.

Family members might also bring it to their attention, but to no avail. The addicted individual may isolate himself so that his addiction is kept covert as having it out in the open would force the addicted individual out of his or her state of denial.

6. Absurd Risk-Taking

The further a person is in their addiction, the more they may do things that may put them into harm’s way. They may drive or do other seemingly mundane activities while under the influence.

They could seriously harm themselves or others while doing this, but may not realize the extent of damage they could potentially cause because they have become conditioned to doing normal human activities while under the influence of Xanax.

7. Legal Problems Due To Xanax Abuse

Doctors can legally only prescribe someone so much Xanax. Those struggling with Xanax addiction may turn to illegal ways of obtaining the drug, such as purchasing it on the street or even stealing.

Some individuals may also do what is known as “doctor shopping” to get more of the substance. This practice involves obtaining several prescriptions for the same drug. It is currently classified as a felony.

Recognizing The Signs Of Xanax Addiction

It is important for loved ones to be able to recognize the signs of Xanax addiction so that they may be able to point their loved one in the right direction and get them help before it is too late. Overdose of this drug can lead to major complications or even death.

Xanax and other addictive substances only temporarily fill an individual’s void and can be extremely detrimental to all aspects of their health and wellness.

Detox And Treatment For Xanax Abuse And Addiction

Seeking out proper addiction treatment can help addicted individuals develop the life skills necessary to reach the ultimate level of healing and recovery. Identifying the underlying cause of the addiction is crucial to recovery.

Once the cause is identified, the addicted individual’s bad behaviors can truly be changed for the better. Recognizing Xanax addiction in loved ones can sometimes be difficult.

It is extremely dangerous, and possibly deadly, for an individual to try and detox from Xanax alone. An inpatient detox from Xanax should be done under the care of medical supervision.

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