Elevate Addiction Services Treatment Philosophy

At Elevate Addiction Services, our philosophy is that addiction treatment needs to transform the life of the addict and help him or her have a more meaningful and positive outlook. To accomplish this, we have to avoid simply treating the symptoms of addiction by masking it with medication. Instead, we view addiction as a manifestation of a deeper physical, emotional or spiritual dilemma that can only be resolved by directly addressing these considerations.

We believe that addicts deserve second chances for themselves, and thus we provide options for them to earn such a chance. In Northern California, our goal is to foster an environment where recovering addicts can undergo treatment in a caring, professional and positive manner while being integrated into a culture of mutual cooperation, structure and support.

To learn more about our core values, our mission, our admissions process and more, continue reading below and navigate toward the appropriate page of interest.

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Elevate’s Mission

Our mission is to help as many struggling addicts as possible by providing a safe and nurturing environment where they can confront and resolve their drug or alcohol dependence. We also want to give them the tools and knowledge to go back into the world completely substance-free and successful. Learn more about our mission by clicking below.

Our Mission

Elevate’s Guarantee

Once admitted to Elevate, clients enter a lifetime agreement that guarantees them options even long after graduating our inpatient program. This is why our aftercare options and services are so vast. Learn more about our guarantee by clicking below.

Our Guarantee

Elevate’s Expert Team

From top to bottom, our team is passionate about health and helping others return to sobriety and vibrance. Learn more about our executive, clinical and holistic professionals by clicking below.

Our Admissions Process

Need to know how long it takes to get admitted into Elevate? Want to know what you should bring as you enter our inpatient treatment program? How about which airports we pick new clients up from? Find out all you need to know about admissions here.

Admissions Process

Elevate Success Stories

We think we’ve built a pretty successful rehabilitation center here in Northern California, but let our former clients be the ones to really tell you about the Elevate experience.

Success Stories

Multiple Locations

Did you know that Elevate has more than one facility in the Northern California region? Learn about our Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe properties here.

Elevate Locations

Helpful Resources

Want to learn more about addiction – and how it should be treated? Do you want to see our latest digital brochures? Or are you looking for healthy lifestyle tips? Make your way to our resources page to find out all about these topics and more.

Addiction Resources