UnitedHealthcare Insurance For Addiction Treatment In California

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UnitedHealthcare Insurance For Addiction Treatment

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Elevate Addiction Services accepts many UnitedHealthcare plans so clients can have a chance to get their treatment costs covered in our inpatient program. UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest insurers in the country, and many of its policies cover at least some degree of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

UnitedHealthcare has been ranked several times as No. 1 in its industry on the “World’s Most Admired Companies” annual list by Fortune magazine. The Minnesota-based insurance giant is going on 40 years in business, now employing nearly 260,000 individuals. Its network in the United States is connected to 1 million physicians and health care professionals, as well as roughly 6,000 hospitals and other health facilities.

If you’re looking for substance abuse treatment and you’re not sure what your UnitedHealthcare plan covers, give Elevate a call. We’ll be happy to review your insurance plan and tell you how much coverage you’d have if you were to join our inpatient addiction treatment program at one of our two Northern California locations.

What to Look for in Your UnitedHealthcare Plan

First of all, you’re going to have a better chance of being covered for our treatment here if your insurance plan is a PPO, not an HMO. You also have to find out if your plan has a MNRP designation for your substance abuse treatment benefits. MNRP stands for Maximum Non-Network Reimbursement Program, which uses a Medicare-based methodology to reimburse the provider.

If your policy carries an MNRP label for the substance abuse portion of your benefits, your coverage for our program will be weak or nonexistent, unfortunately. This is because your substance abuse treatment coverage is essentially going by Medicare rates.

Substance abuse benefits are very different than your general health plan, no matter if you’ve purchased UnitedHealthcare insurance individually or started a policy through an employer. As long as your plan is a PPO and doesn’t have an MNRP label, then there’s a good chance you could get your treatment covered at Elevate.

Overlooked Benefits Of Being A UnitedHealthcare Customer

We encourage you to make full use of your UnitedHealthcare plan, even when you’re not actively seeking treatment. After all, insurance is something you’ve been paying for monthly, so you might as well get all that you can out of it.

UnitedHealthcare’s website allows you to view and keep track of your claims, and you can find an in-network physician, print ID cards, estimate the cost of a procedure, and more. The site also gives you access to plentiful healthy living resources (at no cost with your policy), such as:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Fitness and nutrition tips
  • Advice on managing your own care

Additionally, UnitedHealthcare policyholders have two free smartphone apps to choose from, including one for students. Both apps help you manage your health care more diligently and expertly.

Elevate Will Help You Understand Your UnitedHealthcare Insurance

Insurance policies can be confusing. If you’re ready to undergo treatment for addiction, don’t spend precious moments trying to figure out the fine details of your UnitedHealthcare plan.

Elevate Addiction Services can help. Here’s what we’ll do when you call us:

  • Review your UnitedHealthcare plan thoroughly
  • Determine if you have a MNRP policy
  • Identify if you’re covered for substance abuse treatment
  • Determine how much treatment you would be covered for – regarding our inpatient program
  • Discuss any out-of-pocket costs you would have, and how we can help you make up the difference.

Take The First Step Today

Our admissions counselors can walk you through the insurance verification process, and they’re standing by to take your call. If you’d like an easier, quicker way to see if your plan will cover treatment at Elevate, you can fill out our secure online form now. Once you’ve submitted the form, our admissions counselors will call you at a convenient time to discuss the results and your treatment options.

Get Your UnitedHealthcare Policy Reviewed Today

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