Our Guarantee to Our Clients and Alumni

To be clear, there can be no absolute "Guarantee" of lifelong sobriety when it comes to an individual who has free will to make choices. However, when you become a client of Elevate Addiction Services, we stand by our program and offer a guarantee that we will do our very best to give our graduates all the tools and put safeguards in place to help them succeed after completing inpatient treatment.

We offer the following services to individuals who did the hard work to complete the Elevate program:

  • A dedicated Continuing Care Counselor assigned to you.
  • A comprehensive relapse prevention plan and post-treatment exit strategy for transition back into life.  
  • Establishment and guidance to a recovery team that may include family members, sponsors, personal therapists, recovery coaches and anyone else who is integral to the support and success of the graduate.  
  • Regular check-in sessions via telephone or video chat.  
  • Referrals to support groups near your home if needed.
  • Access to a nationwide network of drug and alcohol testing services.
  • Online support through private channels. 

Aftercare Addiction Service Graduation CeremonyAvoiding the Revolving Door

We truly believe that anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can change and lead a successful life, and we see it happen every day.  Elevate Addiction Services genuinely wants to help people and we’re committed to those who work hard to honestly achieve sobriety. Our Number 1 concern is helping our clients lead ongoing, successful lives. This is why we offer such a thorough rehab program, from detox to aftercare – and even beforehand with intervention services, if needed.


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