South Lake Tahoe Drug Rehab Facility with Results-Based Holistic Program

Emerald Pines Drug Rehab FacilityIn addition to our Santa Cruz-area rehab facility, Elevate Addiction Services boasts another high-quality drug and alcohol treatment center on the other side of Northern California. While the Santa Cruz facility is close to the coast, our second property is within earshot of the California-Nevada border.

In South Lake Tahoe, we’ve established a second facility to feature the unique Elevate program. This South Lake Tahoe drug rehab facility is spacious and spread out, just like its sister treatment center, and it features many similar amenities.

Features of Our South Lake Tahoe Drug Rehab Facility

Lake Tahoe Rehab Facility with SnowElevate’s South Lake Tahoe campus will remind you of a summer camp with its setting right inside a grove of gorgeous pine trees.  This large, lodge-style building offers beautiful grounds to breathe fresh, mountain air and enjoy local wildlife.

This facility sees several inches of snow each year, so make sure you bring warm clothes and shoes if you’re admitted to this location around or during wintertime.


Our South Lake Tahoe Drug Rehab facility has approximately 70 beds for clients, making it just a little smaller than our Santa Cruz property.  The surrounding property has plenty of space for clients to have personal space and private time during the inpatient program.  The program as a whole will typically last 90 days, depending on the client’s progression.


Volleyball Court at Lake Tahoe RehabClients of our South Lake Tahoe program have enough room on the property to go on a run or hike, and they’re encouraged to enjoy the trees, work out indoors and much more. It’s all a part of our expansive holistic treatment program.

Fooseball Table
Our South Lake Tahoe amenities include:

  • Volleyball court
  • Gym/exercise room
  • Sauna
  • Several walking trails
  • Lounge room
  • Ping pong table
  • Courtyard


Well-balanced meals and healthy snacks play a major role in how we help our clients heal physically, and even mentally. This is why we offer fresh fruit throughout the day for all clients in South Lake Tahoe. We also serve up delectable, nutrient-rich dishes three times a day.

Clients’ meals can be customized to their specific nutritional needs in order to help foster a stronger recovery. Please note that we do accommodate all legitimate dietary, religious and moral restrictions for clients regarding what they sit down to eat each day.

South Lake Tahoe Attractions to Know While Visiting

Emerald Bay at Lake TahoeWe believe strongly in family visitation when possible.  There’s plenty for visitors to do when coming to South Lake Tahoe when not at the facility.  Since clients have plenty to do in their program, loved ones can enjoy all that Tahoe has to offer.  Golf, spas, shopping, hiking and fishing are all popular in the Lake Tahoe area, but here’s a look at some of the more unique attractions and activities:

Water and Ski Activities

The Lake Tahoe area is a haven for water and winter sports. The lake itself is popular for kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing and even whitewater rafting. Meanwhile, the area features several ski resorts of different inclines and difficulties. In total, there are more than 100 ski lifts and more than 22,000 acres to ski and snowboard during the winter.

Mountain Biking and Hiking

South Lake Tahoe is a bike friendly community, and it boasts several locally owned bike ships. Dozens of unforgettable trails reside in South Lake Tahoe, such as the steep incline of Saxon Creek Trail to the exquisite scenery of the Flume Trail.  Hiking is also immensely popular in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Lodging near the Lake

Many out-of-town visitors like to rent a cabin when they stay near Lake Tahoe, which is a perfect home-away-from-home whether in the winter or summer. Other visitors prefer staying at one of the five high-end casino and resorts that are located near the water. Additionally, several nice hotels and campgrounds are sprinkled throughout the region.

Heavenly Summer Activities

The renowned Heavenly Mountain Resort is not only active during the winter for skiing and snowboarding, but during the summer as well. This is because you can take the Heavenly Gondola up the mountain to Epic Discovery. This adventure park features a mountain coaster, a zip line canopy tour, ropes courses, a man-made rock wall, hiking trails and more.