For some people, the first step starts with alcohol detox services in Modesto. After completing the detox process, it’s time to consider which type of alcohol rehabilitation centers in Modesto or drug addiction treatment centers in Modesto to investigate. The benefit of choosing a holistic alcohol rehab center in Modesto is that it treats the whole person and not just the disease of addiction. Elevate Addiction Services is pleased to offer this option to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in the Modesto area.

As with many other areas on the West Coast, Modesto in particular and California, in general, face a growing problem of opioid addiction. Without violating patient privacy, the staff at Elevate can attest to this fact. The warm climate of California also makes it easier to secure street drugs any time of the year. Even with adherence to the national drinking age of 21, alcohol abuse and addiction remains a large concern as well. Elevate's drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Modesto is here to offer hope to a hurting population.

Drug addiction issues are not only present in Monterey because of their prevalence within the art community.

Located about two hours south of San Francisco, one of the main draws is its closeness to the Bay Area. Because it is located within close proximity to the bay, families became one of the many demographics attracted to Monterey as a place to settle down. As parents within these families become older, old injuries or other types of chronic pain result in them requiring prescription medication. In an encapsulation of the nationwide opioid crisis, pain medication is used recreationally at parties or in other social situations. Once dependence forms, if the pain medication is taken away, people are likely to try other drugs to replicate the high they felt before.

Because of the rate at which these drugs move around, addiction rates within California have skyrocketed. Over half a decade ago, drug overdoses of opioids alone in California took place every 45 minutes. The epidemic has only worsened since then.

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Why Elevate Addiction Services

  • Treatment at all levels of care. Including detox beginning all programs, residential / inpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs and more. We tailor each program to the individual.
  • A non-12-step program unlike any other. We combine physical fitness and nutritional training with a wide range of talk and experiential therapies to help our graduates do more than just get sober, but to improve themselves mind, body and soul.
  • Each program is geared toward a 100% drug free recovery – we don’t replace one addiction with another.
  • We take most major insurances and offer flexible payment options for co-pays or for private pay admissions.
  • We have locations convenient to California and Nevada, with inpatient and outpatient options at Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Placerville, and Aptos. We’re also happy to help make travel arrangements.
  • All Elevate programs guarantee a 6-month continuing care program to help ease the transition to a sober lifestyle and keep in communication with our graduates.
  • Our facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission, and we are members of NAADAC, NAATP, BHAP, CCAPP, and ASAM - ensuring that we meet the highest possible standards of quality and care.
  • A positive, experienced and compassionate staff who go above and beyond the standards of the treatment injury. We make every effort to connect personally with each client - assisting personal growth as well as addiction recovery.

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California Opioid Statistics from 2017

Overdose Deaths
Deaths due to prescription opioids
Deaths due to synthetic opioids
Deaths due to synthetic opioids
Opioid overdose deaths per million
Opioid prescriptions per 1,000

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Elevate Provides Inpatient and Outpatient Programs in Modesto

Known for a patient-centered and proactive approach, Elevate helps addicted individuals come off their substance of choice without risking addiction to a replacement substance. Unfortunately, most other drug and alcohol rehab program give suboxone or methadone to a detoxing patient. Elevate takes a different approach with a focus on 100% drug-free recovery.

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A Focus on the Whole Person: Body and Mind

Elevate’s alcohol rehab center in Monterey employs a holistic treatment approach, as is done within all of our non 12 step rehab programs. The aim of holistic alcohol recovery or holistic drug recovery is to heal the entire person by treating more than the addiction. Instead, healing of the mind, body, and soul is the focus of holistic recovery centers. Healing of the entire person is done through various means, as each person’s journey to sobriety is different. At Elevate Addiction Services, typically treatment plans include the following:

  • Fitness Programs: Although regular exercise is important for everyone, it's especially beneficial for people recovering from addiction because it offers a positive outlet when the inevitable cravings for drugs or alcohol return. Elevate employs CrossFit methods to make fitness available to people at all levels of physical stamina.
  • Guided Meditation and Yoga: These spiritual practices help to clear the mind of anxious or negative thoughts and encourages the participant to adopt a more contemplative viewpoint. The increase in self-awareness brought about by yoga and meditation increases the ability to make healthier and rational decisions.
  • Nutritional Programming: Poor nutrition and addiction often go hand-in-hand, which makes the brain and other organs of the body operate less efficiently. Learning how to consume a healthy diet prompts clearer thinking and better life choices.
  • SMART Recovery: This evidence-based treatment program for the treatment and aftercare phases follows four essential points. These include Coping with Urges; Building and Maintaining Motivation; Living a Balanced Life; and Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors.

Elevate’s Commitment to Every Patient

Recovery from addiction requires a personal approach regardless of the patient’s geographic location or whether he or she enters inpatient or outpatient treatment. Elevate offers a full 90-day treatment program with each of the following attributes:

  • Complete Assessment: An initial thorough assessment process covers each patient’s physical and mental health issues, likes and dislikes, and personal history with drugs and alcohol.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: The patient and a compassionate Elevate staff member decide together what to include in treatment. Adventure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are just two options because the same program will not work for everyone.
  • Personal Growth and Discovery: Active addiction typically causes problems with low self-esteem and an unrealistic view of oneself and others. Program participants actively work on personal growth and self-awareness as part of their recovery program.
  • Aftercare and Community: Aftercare is just as essential to a recovering addict’s success as an active treatment program. Day-to-day life after treatment can produce many relapse triggers and other challenges. Elevate’s community of newly sober people and professional counselors offer ongoing support in the form of aftercare.

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Elevate’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Modesto

Like most drug and alcohol treatment programs, Elevate offers both inpatient and outpatient options. People who opt for inpatient treatment will live at the Modesto facility for up to 90 days. This gives them the opportunity to focus on recovery without the distractions of everyday life. Elevate offers continuous supervision for its inpatient program. Those registered for an outpatient program continue to live at home and commute to the facility based on a pre-determined schedule. This enables them to meet obligations such as work, childcare, or school while still receiving the treatment they need. The following are the primary treatment programs offered by Elevate:

  • Detoxification: This is a vital first step for any type of addiction treatment program. Depending on the drug of choice, withdrawal can cause extremely unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. Elevate provides medical supervision to guide the patient through this difficult but necessary process.
  • Inpatient Drug Treatment: The typical stay at the Elevate facility in Modesto, California is 90 days. This is where people come to detox from drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, benzos, prescription opioids, and MDMA.
  • Inpatient Alcohol Treatment: Addiction to alcohol is common due to its legality, availability, and acceptability in social settings. Committing to an inpatient program in Modesto is ideal to help achieve and maintain sobriety. After completing detox, patients work through a treatment program customized just for them.
  • Outpatient Alcohol Treatment: The Elevate outpatient program for alcoholism uses the same evidence-based SMART recovery model as other programs. This helps to put inpatient and outpatient programs on a level playing field in terms of treatment effectiveness.
  • Outpatient Drug Treatment: Serving the city of Modesto and the larger Stanislaus County, Elevate offers outpatient drug treatment for people who cannot commit to 90 days of inpatient treatment. This could also be ideal for those don’t have adequate insurance coverage for an inpatient program.

Elements, Interventions, and Lengths of Programs

Denial is a powerful force with addiction. It causes people who could benefit from an inpatient drug treatment center or an outpatient drug treatment program not to recognize the addiction or the consequences it causes for themselves and family members. Even those who finally realize the need to attend an inpatient alcohol treatment center or an outpatient alcohol treatment facility usually choose one based on location alone. They use Google to look up searches such as inpatient drug rehab near me rather than select inpatient drug rehabilitation centers or outpatient drug rehab centers for the program quality they offer.

Detoxification treatment is the first step for anyone entering the Elevate facility in Modesto. The staff also works with family and friends at this stage to prepare them to offer their loved one support during detox, the treatment program, and aftercare. They do this while practicing the utmost discretion and compassion. Patients with strong family support tend to obtain better outcomes than those with little to no support.

Many people assume that Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or a similar 12-step program is the only option to become sober and sustain addiction recovery. Elevate’s holistic program, which is not based on the 12 steps, typically offers the best immediate and long-term results. Besides helping addicted people get sober, holistic treatment programs teach them to be their best possible self. Although 90 days may seem like a long time to commit to inpatient treatment, this timeframe is most effective to prevent relapse.

Range of Treatment Options

The staff at Elevate’s holistic recovery center considers multiple treatment options for alcoholism based on what works best for each individual client. This is just one factor that makes non 12-step recovery programs and holistic treatment different from the status quo. Some options Elevate offers in its drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs include:

  • Adventure Therapy: Activities like boating, camping, hiking, and swimming in the local community help to inspire teamwork and self-confidence. This is unheard of in other drug and alcohol treatment programs, but it's a major component of holistic alcohol rehabilitation centers.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: The majority of participants in Elevate’s alcohol intervention programs and drug intervention programs have a mental health issue that requires dual diagnosis treatment at the same time as the addiction. Elevate’s non 12-step rehab programs make room in the schedule for this to happen. Dual diagnosis and recovery require a unique treatment approach for lasting success.
  • Experiential Therapy: Alternative therapies, such as massage therapy and aromatherapy, help to provide relaxation and act as a powerful motivator when the patient returns home. Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers don't consider this possibility. However, the staff at non 12-step recovery centers think outside the box to provide clients with the best help possible.
  • Fitness Therapy: Regular exercise is an essential component of a rehabilitation program for drug addicts. A healthy body is more receptive to the hard work of detox at dual diagnosis treatment centers. The staff at holistic alcohol recovery centers understand that addiction affects all parts of the body.

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Finance and Insurance Options

Some private insurance companies will cover the full or partial cost of drug or alcohol treatment. Patients should check with their providers to determine which programs it covers and whether it imposes a limit on the number of days they can receive treatment. Elevate works with these insurance providers:

Symptoms of Common Addictions

Addicted people often don’t recognize the signs of a problem until the consequences become severe. Whether personally affected by addiction or not, all people should know the symptoms so they can offer resources to others if necessary.

  • Alcohol Treatment Programs: Alcohol addiction symptoms frequently vary depending on how long a person has consumed alcohol to excess. The signs and symptoms of alcoholism can look similar to other drug addiction symptoms. Cognitive decline, apathy, and weight changes are just three examples of symptoms of severe alcoholism. Heart disease, liver disease, weight gain, and red capillaries can happen with any degree of alcoholism. A person with these recovering alcoholic symptoms needs immediate detox for alcohol withdrawal symptoms treatment. This cure for alcohol withdrawal symptoms can prevent the dangerous condition of delirium tremors.
  • Heroin Treatment Programs: Heroin addiction is more prevalent than ever in Modesto, and it always requires heroin detox and treatment. Heroin use tends to closely associate with opioid use. Fortunately, an addicted person can enter heroin treatment programs or opiates addiction treatment. The symptoms of these addictions include track marks on the arm, constipation, dilated pupils, lethargy, criminal behavior, and trouble managing work or school.
  • Opioid Treatment Programs: Since heroin is an opiate, many symptoms of addiction overlap with opioids and require a prescription drug treatment program. It’s common for addicted people to visit multiple doctors to obtain opioid prescriptions. Although the person might feel embarrassed about prescription drug addiction, this problem is common and can be overcome with a combination of opioid treatment medication and prescription drug rehab. Benzodiazepine withdrawal treatment medication may be appropriate when detoxing from drugs such as lithium or valium. Successful withdrawal is always the first step in the treatment of benzodiazepine dependence.
  • Cocaine, Meth, and other Stimulant Treatment Programs: Recovering drug addiction symptoms include a heavy cough, weight loss, oral health, and lung issues, irritability, psychotic episodes, heart attack, and extreme insomnia. The holistic treatment programs at Elevate focus on both physical and therapeutic components for the maximum benefit.

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Non-12-Step Treatment Options for Addiction in Modesto and the Surrounding Communities

The opioid epidemic and the continued abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the Modesto area means that the demand for personalized and holistic drug or alcohol treatment is stronger than ever. Elevate Addiction Services has 20 years of experience in offering hope and support for people seeking an alternative to traditional 12-step therapy. Contact Elevate today to request an assessment for yourself or a loved one who struggles with addiction.

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