Empowering you to create a more meaningfuland positive life.

Our Holistic Addiction Treatment Philosophy for Lasting Success

We believe that addiction treatment needs to do more than just help someone get sober – it needs to transform the life of the addict and empower him or her to create a more meaningful and positive life.

Addiction is not a disease or the result of weak character – it is a manifestation of a deeper physical, emotional or spiritual dilemma that can only be resolved by directly addressing those underlying issues.

When rehab is done right, clients don’t need to keep coming back to rehab. They can if they need to but usually don’t. To accomplish this, we don’t simply treat the symptoms of addiction by masking it with medication. Instead, we treat the whole person and teach them how to create a meaningful life without substances.

We believe that addicts deserve second chances, and that’s what we provide at Elevate. We foster an environment where they can undergo treatment in a caring, professional and positive manner while being integrated into a culture of mutual cooperation, structure, and support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where those struggling with addiction can confront and resolve their drug or alcohol dependence. We give them the tools and knowledge to go back into the world completely substance-free and primed for success. Read More

Our Guarantee

Once admitted to Elevate, clients enter a lifetime partnership that guarantees them support even long after graduating from our inpatient program. This is why our aftercare options and services are so vast. Read More

Admissions & Insurance

Get the answers to all your practical questions such as how long it takes to get admitted, what you should bring, what airports we pick up from, payment options, and whether or not your insurance covers treatment. 


We have two residential inpatient treatmentcenters in northern California, located in Santa Cruz County and South Lake Tahoe, as well as an outpatient treatment facility in Aptos.

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Our Mission

For The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

At Elevate Addiction Services, our energy is dedicated to transforming the despair of addiction into a purposeful life of confidence, self-respect and happiness, which will positively affect families, communities and society. We want to give recovering addicts the tools to return to the outside world completely substance-free and successful.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment where individuals can undergo addiction treatment in a caring, positive and professional setting that involves active participation, support and structure.

When it comes to treatment, our desire is to provide an innovative and empowering approach that heals and enhances the mind, body and spirit of each client.

Our Core Beliefs

At Elevate, we hold many collective beliefs that play a role in how we treat each and every client. Here are the top beliefs we hold as a team:

  • We believe that addiction is not a literal disease, but a manifestation of deeper physical, emotional or spiritual turmoil yet to be resolved.
  • We believe that a healthy body mixed with individual determination, self-respect and confidence are more powerful than the physical and emotional impact of addiction.
  • We believe that everybody is free to believe whatever they choose. However, only through appealing to a person’s own sense of reason can his or her beliefs be changed or shifted, not through threatening or coercive means.
  • We do not believe that people are mere victims of life’s circumstances, or life in general. There may be certain events and circumstances that impact our lives, but we believe that one must tackle and overcome his or her problems in order to create a bright outlook.
  • We believe that life should be lived and enjoyed by all who put forth positive efforts to do so. Life shouldn’t be lived in shame, guilt or regret. It can, and should, be fun, fulfilling and rewarding.
  • We believe that the present is the only time in which positive living, action and change can occur. By addressing the present, we can alter the course of our future.
  • We believe the pursuit of self-improvement under any circumstance is a highly noble undertaking. We support all of those who seek such a pursuit, as well as all constructive methodologies that seek to fulfill those goals genuinely.

Our Guarantee

To Our Clients and Alumni

Avoiding the Revolving Door

We truly believe that anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can change and lead a successful life, and we see it happen every day.  Elevate Addiction Services genuinely wants to help people and we’re committed to those who work hard to honestly achieve sobriety. Our Number 1 concern is helping our clients lead ongoing, successful lives. This is why we offer such a thorough rehab program, from detox to aftercare – and even beforehand with intervention services, if needed.

To be clear, there can be no absolute “Guarantee” of lifelong sobriety when it comes to an individual who has free will to make choices. However, when you become a client of Elevate Addiction Services, we stand by our program and offer a guarantee that we will do our very best to give our graduates all the tools and put safeguards in place to help them succeed after completing inpatient treatment.

We offer the following services to individuals who did the hard work to complete the Elevate program:

  • A dedicated Continuing Care Counselor assigned to you.
  • A comprehensive relapse prevention plan and post-treatment exit strategy for transition back into life.  
  • Establishment and guidance to a recovery team that may include family members, sponsors, personal therapists, recovery coaches and anyone else who is integral to the support and success of the graduate.
  • Regular check-in sessions via telephone or video chat.
  • Referrals to support groups near your home if needed.
  • Access to a nationwide network of drug and alcohol testing services.
  • Online support through private channels.

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