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Blue Cross Blue Shield For Addiction Treatment In California

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BCBS Insurance Coverage

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Elevate Addiction Services accepts most Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans so that many of our clients can have their treatment covered at one of our Northern California facilities.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is easily one of the most widely accepted insurers among rehabilitation centers across the country. BCBS is accepted in all 50 states and covers more than 100 million Americans. More than 90 percent of hospitals and health care providers accept BCBS policies.

Rather than operating as one big corporation, BCBS is actually made up of more than 35 independent and locally run agencies. This strategic network helps produce policies that are closely tailored to state health care laws. Policyholders also have a local expert to reach out to when questions arise.

If you are insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield, there’s a good chance your desired treatment at Elevate could get covered, and we’ll help you find out the answer.

How Blue Cross Blue Shield Policies Work for Addiction Treatment

Being that BCBS is so widely accepted across the country, your policy may cover your treatment at Elevate Addiction Services – even if you are coming from out of state. However, as different states have different regulations governing coverage, you don’t want to assume that you’ll be covered everywhere. For example, some BCBS policyholders might be insured for hospital treatment only – meaning that substance abuse rehabilitation is not covered.

We know that your insurance plan can be difficult to understand in full, so even if you’re not sure if you’re covered for substance abuse treatment, give us a call. Our admissions counselors would be happy to review your plan and explain the relevant details to you.

Reviewing Your BCBS Policy

If you’re a BCBS policyholder and you’re interested in treatment at Elevate Addiction Services, here’s the process our admissions counselors will walk you through:

  • A thorough review of your Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan
  • Identification of substance abuse treatment benefits
  • Explanation of how much of your treatment costs would be covered at Elevate
  • Discussion on how we can help you cover any remaining (out-of-pocket) costs, if applicable

Understanding your substance abuse treatment benefits is important for your long-term health goals and sobriety. This is why our admissions counselors strive to thoroughly explain what your insurance covers, specifically when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

You Can Start the Process Today!

You can reach out to us anytime via phone, but if you’d like an easy way to get the process started now, you can submit an online form for us to verify your insurance. This is the simplest way to get quick answers about your coverage. The form is secure, and we can contact you at a convenient time after you’ve submitted your policy information.

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