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Cigna Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In California

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Cigna Insurance Coverage

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Do you have a Cigna insurance plan? If you do, great news! Elevate Addiction Services has a great relationship with your health insurer, and there’s a good chance we will accept your insurance plan for treatment in our inpatient program.

Cigna insurance is accepted in about 20 states in the U.S. – in addition to 30 other countries. The insurer claims to offer the strongest return-to-work results, which is significant for those seeking addiction treatment services. This means that Cigna will help to have your job waiting for you after you’ve completed an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Insurance policies are tricky, and any substance abuse benefits you might have are different than your general health coverage. This is why we offer a free, professional review of your Cigna health plan to help you better understand your coverage, especially regarding substance abuse treatment. We also will let you know how much of your treatment would be covered at Elevate if you’re looking to join our treatment program.

Our Process for Reviewing Your Cigna Health Insurance

If you have a Cigna health insurance plan and interested in treatment at Elevate Addiction Services, we will walk you through this process in order to see what you’re covered for and:

  • Review your Cigna insurance plan thoroughly
  • Assess the specifics of your substance abuse treatment benefits
  • Determine how much of our treatment costs would be covered by your plan
  • Discuss any out-of-pocket costs you would have, and give you options for how you can cover those

The benefit of talking to us about your insurance plan is that you’ll know for sure if you’re covered for our program before you arrive here. If you talk to Cigna directly, they may tell you that you must go to a specific rehab facility, but your claim realistically could still be denied even after you’ve already checked into treatment. Don’t let that happen! Get in touch with us first, and we will let you know with certainty.

Overlooked Benefits of Your Cigna Health Policy

Cigna is known for offering health care plans that are flexible and accommodating to any budget. If Cigna is your health insurer, we invite you to make full use of your policy, even when you’re not actively seeking treatment for addiction. With your Cigna health plan, there’s a good chance you’re 100 percent covered for in-network preventative care, such as annual checkups and screenings, as well as routine immunizations.

Cigna also offers personalized website tools and a mobile app, all of which will help you:

  • Locate in-network health care providers
  • Check on your insurance claims
  • Manage your account balances
  • Much more

Additionally, the company has representatives standing by 24/7 to answer all of your questions about in-network providers and your claims.

Have Us Review Your Cigna Policy Today

You can call us anytime to have us review your Cigna health policy and to see if it covers you for treatment here. However, we recommend using our secure online form to submit your personal and insurance information to us first. This saves time on the initial call, as we will already have the results in hand once we get in touch with you. Submit the form to us whenever you’d like, and our admissions counselors will get in touch with you at a convenient time to discuss your treatment options.

Ready to See if Your Cigna Plan Will Cover Treatment at Elevate?

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