Dr. Alok Krishna

Dr. Krishna has 25 years of experience in the field of medicine. He is board-certified in family and addiction medicine. Currently, he is pursuing a fellowship in psychiatry and is affiliated with both UC Irvine and UC Davis. He is interested in General Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Mental Health, and End-of-Life Care (such as palliative and hospice care).


Dr. Krishna became an M.D. at the young age of 24. Shortly after, he went to get his Master’s degree at the University of Singapore.  After this, he began his residency training in New York. Later he moved to Toledo, Ohio to do his residency in Family Medicine. After finishing his residency, he moved to Kenton, Ohio to start his first private practice. Besides his practice, he also worked to lessen obesity among children while living in Kenton.

In 2008, he moved to Houston, Texas to help better his daughter’s education. There, he continued Family Medicine as well as his charity work. 

Moving to Elevate

Lured by the good weather and large medical community, he moved to Folsom, California in 2012, where he currently resides.

Dr. Krishna has two children; one daughter who is studying law in graduate school and one son who is currently a high school senior. His wife, Vasanthi Krishna, is also a physician.

Dr. Krishna always repeats the same mantra: “Health is Wealth.”

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