The 4 Components of Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment takes a different approach than traditional rehab. At Elevate, we empower our clients to be completely drug-free for life. We partner with you to build a solid foundation on which you can make great choices for your future using four key components.


The first step is to stop your habit and allow your body to rid itself of toxic and harmful substances. The detox stage is a critical phase because your body is going through changes and craving the substance that it’s used to receiving.

Every detox must have a strategy that’s customized for the individual and based on the type of substance, medical history, state of mind, and other factors. While our focus is on drug-free ways to help you get through this process, our doctors may temporarily prescribe medically necessary medication in cases of severe withdrawal. You may also need frequent massages, aromatherapy, and nutritional supplements as well.

At Elevate, you’ll be surrounded by compassionate counselors who have been trained to identify and alleviate withdrawal symptoms as you go through a supervised detox. You may find that your experience is more comfortable than you expect!

Once your body has completed detoxification, you’ll be ready to begin building a new life for yourself. At this point, you can begin the process of physical healing.

Physical Healing

Physical healing is about being a little better today than you were yesterday. Everyone, whether addicted or not, feels better when they are in a regular habit of exercise. This could include anything from nature walks to recreational sports to CrossFit.

Having staff onsite to share tips, motivation, and proper form can help you develop a solid foundation. When exercise is combined with great nutrition, your body improves rapidly.

Throughout your stay with us, we’ll provide you with healthy meals and supplements that have all the nutrients you need for recovery. Eating a balanced diet on a regular basis will retrain your body’s expectations about what it means to eat well, which can benefit you long after you leave residential treatment. 

Emotional Healing

4 Components of Holistic Drug & Alcohol TreatmentEmotional healing helps you discover ways to deal with distress like sadness, anxiety, compulsions, and self-sabotaging behaviors. To achieve optimal health, it’s important to take responsibility for your well-being.

Holistic recovery involves services that promote total healing of your mind, body, and spirit. It gets to the root of the issue rather than masking it with new medication.

Activities like mindfulness, yoga, and meditation help you to be present in the moment, cultivate inner strength, and achieve non-judgmental self-awareness. This provides a solid emotional and mental foundation for tackling whatever issues you need to address in order to move on for good.

Our addiction-themed curriculum provides crucial life-skills along with self-reflection and introspection to help you address deep-seated issues. The curriculum covers topics like co-dependency, toxic relationships, and the relationship between thoughts, feelings and triggers.


Although aftercare occurs after inpatient treatment ends, we consider it a critical part of recovery. Even after going through our high-quality holistic treatment for 90 days, there is still a chance of relapse unless a comprehensive aftercare program is put in place. The fourth phase utilizes skills and tools developed previously and provides value that sets us apart from other treatment centers.

Some of the most important elements of aftercare include:

  • Celebration – You completed a full 90-day treatment program! Many people do not make it that far. We’ll celebrate your accomplishment with a graduation ceremony where you can reflect on and reinforce the amazing progress you’ve made.
  • A Plan – We partner with you and your family members to develop a customized plan to help you adapt to life outside of the controlled environment of treatment. The plans helps to keep you focused on your goals and provides resources and support that you can rely on.
  • One-on-One Support – We do more than simply root for you, we give you the opportunity to reach out to a specific counselor whenever you need to talk things through.
  • Support Group Referrals – Even though you have a counselor available, it is important to have people you can connect with in person. We’ll find programs near you that will help you continue to improve your mind, body, and spirit. These programs may not be traditional and may include activities like yoga, hiking, CrossFit, and SMART Recovery.
  • A Chance to Give Back – Many people who complete treatment want to give back to the program that helped them. Select outstanding graduates of our program have the opportunity to apply for our internship and potentially join our staff.
  • Assurance if Things Go Sideways – Recovery is a long process. Eligible clients who relapse within six months of completing treatment can come back to the treatment program for up to 30 days, as long as a bed is available, at no extra charge. This peace of mind is priceless. (Call us to learn how to qualify.)

We are dedicated to our clients and want to ensure that your recovery lasts a lifetime. To learn more about our program, give us a call, we would love to answer all your questions.

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