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Can Prosecuting Irresponsible Drug Companies Lessen the Opioid Crisis?
Over the years, the opioid epidemic has made quite an impression on America. From its beginnings of opiate use back in the late 1900s to its current state of crisis, the epidemic has been sweeping the nation and continues to do so, seemingly without pause. This bleak outlook leaves many questioning what can be done about the problem. Pharmaceutical companies are often pointed at when considering who caused the opioid epidemic. After all, they did encourage doctors to prescribe opioids in increased rates in the late 20th century. But are pharmaceutical companies really to blame for the epidemic? And if ...

Ohio-Based “Recovery Bill of Rights” to Help Establish Standards for Addiction Treatment
The Bill of Rights, put into place through ratification in 1791, is a part of the United States Constitution. It includes 10 amendments, such as the right to a jury in a trial, the right against search and seizures without a warrant, and of course, freedom of speech. You probably didn’t see anything about aftercare treatment or an aftercare program on that list, right? Well, Ohio is striving to change that. The Ohio Citizen Advocates for Addiction Recovery has created its own Recovery Bill of Rights. This has the potential to set addiction treatment standards that could apply countrywide and perhaps ...
Alcoholics Anonymous

What Options Are Available When AA Doesn’t Work
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) works for many people. But some simply need a different approach to healing. Known as the kingpin of substance abuse recovery programs, AA has been used by millions to kick their substance abuse habits.  But what about those who prefer a different approach. Do non 12 step drug rehab treatment methods work? Yes, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. After studying a myriad of different non 12 step drug recovery programs, the researchers concluded that many do work, but that their differences need to be considered when recommending them to patients.  ...

4 Ways Exercise Heals the Mind, Body, and Spirit During Addiction Recovery
Addiction takes a real toll on the human body. Drugs and alcohol can weaken the immune system, damage internal organs and strip the body of the ability to heal itself.  Beginning a drug detox program designed to rid the body of these dangerous toxins is the first step to total recovery. Exercise too can help put those addicted to drugs and alcohol on the road to healing by providing the kind of physical, emotional and spiritual helps they need to move forward in their quest for total health and wellness. The Role Exercise Plays in Recovery Can exercise play a role in ...
Addiction Treatment Program

How To Avoid Enabling A Friend’s Addiction
  One of the most difficult parts of establishing and maintaining a friendship can be having to look out for each other during hard times. When a friend is facing a problem with substance abuse, finding the right way to support them can be confusing. Oftentimes, friends will try to help each other with substance abuse problems, but because of the personal connection between the two parties, providing that help in the healthiest way can be difficult, as the most obvious ways to ‘assist’ are often enabling behaviors. These enabling behaviors can be a detriment to the person facing substance abuse ...
Prescription Drugs

How Addiction to Prescription Drugs Has Grown Beyond Opioids
Now over 20 years old, the opioid crisis taking place throughout the world currently is no longer breaking news. However, many people do not realize the prescription drug epidemic extends much further than opioids. Nowadays, benzodiazepine and prescription stimulant addiction rates are increasing rapidly, making the need for prescription drug abuse treatment even greater. When done correctly, prescription drug addiction recovery helps those facing prescription addiction become and remain sober, while also helping to navigate through the conditions the medications were prescribed for initially. Opioids What Are Opioids? The term ‘opioid’ describes a specific drug class which includes the illicit drug heroin – addiction to ...