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7 Signs Someone is Struggling with Addiction

Addiction can manifest in numerous ways, depending on the person. However, there are sure warning signs of addiction that can apply to most people dealing with substance abuse. The following are common signs of addiction that can help you recognize …

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How Toxic Relationships Can Poison Your Recovery

How Toxic Relationships Can Poison Your Recovery From Substance Abuse

Elevate Addiction Services understands the enormous role family and friends play in addiction. Many people contribute to patterns of substance abuse, and some do not realize the negative impact they have on others. It’s vital for everyone struggling with substance abuse …

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Create Healthy Habits To Beat Addiction

How To Create Healthy Habits To Beat Addiction

Taking back your life from destructive habits, like addiction, can be challenging. However, with commitment and the right knowledge and support, you can replace those old habits with new, healthy habits. As you begin your journey towards a healthier way …

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Life After Addiction

Life After Addiction: What Living Sober Would Look Like

If you were to give up your addiction and start over with a new life, what would it look like? Are you afraid it would look too much like your old life? Maybe that’s why you’re still struggling with addiction. There …

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Going Back To Rehab After A Relapse

Going Back To Rehab After A Relapse

Recent research has shown that roughly half of the people who enter a treatment program for their drug or alcohol addiction will relapse within less than a year of being released from it. While statistics like this might sound discouraging, relapsing is …

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How To Help Someone With A Drug Addiction

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