Elevate Addiction Services: Northern California Rehab Serving All Residents of California

The first step in successful addiction recovery is recognizing the problem and deciding it is time to seek help. The second step is locating a treatment center that is accessible, proven to be effective and 100% committed to the success of its clients.

Elevate Addiction Services offers holistic, individualized addiction recovery programs at three locations, welcoming guests from Northern California, Central California, Southern California and the rest of the United States.

About Elevate Addiction Services

The Elevate philosophy is to guide individuals struggling with addiction through a life-altering transformation rather than mask the condition with medication. Elevate Addiction Services has three locations in California – The Santa Cruz Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Watsonville, the South Lake Tahoe Addiction Treatment Center and a third location in Placerville.

Santa Cruz Drug & Alcohol Treatment CenterSanta Cruz Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

The Santa Cruz facility, located in Watsonville, offers views of Big Sur and Monterey Bay, plus 28 acres of woodland mountainside landscape. A three-month inpatient program is offered with amenities intended to provide a relaxing home away from home while undergoing treatment. The location is also remote enough for privacy, yet close to enough to visit San Jose and Santa Cruz.

Amenities at this ranch-style facility include volleyball and basketball courts, a sauna, gardens, outdoor chess tables, a swimming pool and an exercise/weight room. There are 50 beds for inpatient stays, as well as transitional housing for 24 people.

South Lake Tahoe Addiction Treatment CenterSouth Lake Tahoe Addiction Treatment Center

The cabin-style South Lake Tahoe property is nestled near the Sierra Nevada Mountains and beautiful Lake Tahoe. This inpatient addiction treatment program provides a truly intimate setting. The winter conditions are moderate and manageable, and provide a chance to enjoy the idyllic snowy scenery. Both drug and alcohol addictions are treated at this facility.

Amenities at South Lake Tahoe include a volleyball court, sauna, lounge room, ping pong table, gym/workout room and more. Of course, the outdoors is the perfect landscape for hiking, bird watching, meditation, jogging and other nature-based activities.

Elevate Addiction Services Mission

The mission of Elevate Addiction Services is to transform the lives of those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction from despair to purpose, happiness, confidence and self-respect. The goal is to improve the life of the person with the addiction as well as the lives of their friends and families.

Our core belief is that addiction is not a disease, but rather an outcome of unresolved turmoil. This turmoil can be physical, spiritual or emotional, but must be resolved for recovery to be possible. The emotional and physical impacts of addiction are not as powerful as the potential for individual determination. Once confidence and self-respect are achieved in a healthy body, the foundation for lasting sobriety is achieved.

The Elevate Addiction Services Guarantee

We believe in the effectiveness of our holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. We can provide the tools and support, but ultimately success is dependent on free-will choices. With that in mind, we do our part to provide aftercare measures to minimize the potential for relapse.

We provide a detailed post-treatment plan, provide referrals to nearby support groups, offer opportunities for internships and vocational training, coordinate with family and loved ones, and provide one-on-one aftercare over the phone with staff.

Every successful graduate is offered a six-month aftercare plan that includes the ability to return to a facility for additional treatment of up to 30 days when space is available.

The Elevate Addiction Services Programs 

The Elevate non-12-step program provides individualized and innovative treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The four-phase program typically lasts 90 days, but our focus is on progress and results, not time. The program’s four phases are detox, physical healing, emotional healing, and aftercare. Our inpatient program, aftercare services, and alumni support programs work together to achieve and maintain recovery for a lifetime.

Detox Phase 

Elevate utilizes various holistic methods to overcome withdrawal discomfort. This is unique because most addiction treatment centers rely heavily on medication. While we may prescribe medication at the initial stage when withdrawal is at its worst, our goal is for individuals to begin a drug-free recovery plan as quickly as possible. Other methods such as aromatherapy, massage therapy and outdoor activities are utilized instead of medication. We also provide nutritional supplements to improve the overall of our clients.

Intervention services are available when help is needed to convince a loved one to undergo detox.

Physical Healing

Alcohol and drug addiction takes a toll on physical health. Our individualized inpatient treatment program addresses each patient’s fitness and health level to focus on overcoming health issues as part of recovery. Improving the physical self-goes beyond detox – a healthy body boosts confidence and aids in positive life changes.

Nutritional support is another way that physical healing is incorporated into our program. All meals served at the facilities are healthy and delicious. Nutritional supplements are utilized to provide those elements that were drained during addiction harmful substances. Furthermore, we prioritize nutrition education as a major component of treatment. It has also been shown that dietary changes can reduce relapse risk, particularly for those struggling with alcoholism.

Emotional Healing 

While physical healing enables recovery, it is the emotional healing that provides the life changes that are essential to sustaining recovery. Simply detoxing from the addiction without addressing the catalysts involved won’t help. Many of the issues that lead to addiction are connected to emotional issues.

Our program teaches patients to learn about themselves, conquer feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, become mindful of the addictive behaviors, and address past issues by taking responsibility for them.

A variety of therapies are used for emotional healing, including positive group counseling, one-on-one counseling, educational studies and holistic therapies. As clients work through the emotional issues holding them back, the focus of the program shifts to learning practical life skills, formulating and adhering to healthy goals, and working toward a balanced life.

Aftercare Phase

Every client receives a detailed, individualized post-treatment plan. There are no additional fees for aftercare services so that clients do not forgo getting support due to financial concerns.

We are committed to our graduates’ long-term health and sobriety, so we provide referrals for support groups close to home. We also accept some graduates into our Vocational Training and Internship Program. This program allows them to help others who are currently undergoing treatment.

Additionally, we offer return visits to our graduates if an individual experiences a relapse and needs additional time to get back on track.

Admissions Process

The Elevate Addiction Services program works because of our commitment and the willingness of the client to complete the journey with us. While most of our clients have reached the point that they both acknowledge the addiction and want treatment, we also provide intervention services. The family is not always in the best position to overcome those hurdles, as the individual’s fear, shame and anxiety can deter them from seeking help. Thankfully, our experienced intervention staff can help.

The admissions process is simple. Staff members are happy to educate visitors on payment options, what items should be brought to the program and the best way to travel to our facility.  In fact, we offer free transportation from the following airports to those flying in from Southern California or out of state – San Jose (SJC), San Francisco (SFO), Oakland (OAK), and Monterey (MRY).

Payment Options 

We handle billing to most insurance companies that accept out-of-network benefits. The client is apprised of any out-of-pocket costs or a deductible, and provided with information about coverage benefits. We do not bill HMO or Medicare plans. If you do not have insurance or prefer not to use it, we also accept private payments and have financing options available. With flexible payment plans offered by a number of lending partners, we are able to meet the needs of most clients.

What to Bring for Your Recovery

Clients are expected to bring their own clothing. We recommend comfortable, casual attire. Both facilities have hiking and outdoor activities, so we recommend bringing hiking boots, swimwear, a jacket (heavier grade if during the winter at South Lake Tahoe) and sunglasses. Clients should also bring books, magazines, and one non-internet-connected device (such as a small radio).

Personal toiletries should be brought. Prescription medication must be pre-approved and brought along. Smoking is permitted in certain areas. Finally, bring medical records and any legal documents that would be needed during treatment.

Banned Items at the Facilities

Cell phones and other devices that connect to the internet are not allowed. Other items that CANNOT be brought to the facility:

  • Non-Approved Prescription Drugs
  • Any Product Containing Alcohol (Including Mouthwash)
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Products with Heavy Fragrance
  • Pornography
  • Provocative Clothing
  • Clothing That Promotes Sex
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Cameras
  • Anything That Would Be Considered Offensive or Inflammatory

The concept behind the device restriction is that we believe treatment is best accomplished by unplugging from the world’s digital distractions. We can arrange for very limited, supervised internet use if necessary for business or family communication.

Seek Help Today to Better Yourself

Elevate Addiction Services is ready to get clients on the path to a better life, free from addiction. Through scientifically proven methods of building confidence, independence, and health, there are many success stories. You could be the next one!

Elevate Addiction Services is the perfect addiction treatment program for those who are ready to put an end to their substance abuse and addiction issues. We are proud to lend our services to clients from California and all over the United States.

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