Elevate Addiction Services Talk Addiction with Kathy Ireland’s Modern Living

Kathy Ireland’s Discusses Holistic Addiction Treatment with Elevate Rehab

Kathy Ireland’s program, Modern Living, keeps the nation current on national trends and news. One topic that has been making national headlines is the growing problem with addiction, which is reaching epidemic proportions. She discussed this issue with Elevate Rehab President Daniel Manson and spokesperson Ashly Guernaccini, along with other Elevate team members and specialists.  

As Ireland pointed out, Elevate Addiction Services has a unique approach to mitigating the risk of relapse for those suffering from addiction. Because drugs are so readily available, addiction has become a nationwide epidemic, with many baffled as to how to control it. Many people with substance dependency look for help, but, unfortunately, short-term treatment centers have left many despondent and suffering cycles of relapse, often trading addiction for another drug dependence.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Manson explained that addicts don’t have to be stuck in a cycle of abuse, dependence, and relapse. Elevate treats addicts with a holistic, evidence-based approach to recovery so that those who have fought addiction can live a more balanced and well-rounded life. The program doesn’t try to treat drug abuse with more drugs – not only does that trade one dependency for another, but it can also lead to a reliance on medication for help, rather than the mind and body.

As Ireland explored in her interview, Elevate’s addiction therapy is unique for many reasons, including:

Care for the Mind and Body

Many medical professionals treat addiction with other drugs, but that approach still leaves the user dependent. The team at Elevate cares for more than just what is happening emotionally to the user. Addiction has real physical side-effects, and addicts must be able to rebuild lost muscle mass and nutrient depletion. Proper nutrition and physical exercise go a long way toward addiction recovery because substance abusers often fail to care for themselves properly. Elevate understands that addiction treatment can’t focus on only one aspect of recovery – it must include both the mind and the body.

Addressing the Root Cause of Addiction

Addiction isn’t a stand-alone disease; there are many components to its development and many factors to consider in recovery. The team at Elevate doesn’t treat addicts just for their addiction. Most addicts have issues that led them to substance abuse. Without managing these matters, relapse is almost guaranteed. Drug addiction is one mental illness, but it often results from users self-medicating, not realizing that they have other problems that might be exacerbating their need for drugs. Elevate treats each disorder in conjunction with the addiction.

Treating the Addict, Not the Addiction

The circumstances that led someone to be addicted to drugs will be different for every person. Some recovery centers treat all addiction the same across the board, as a one-size-fits-all problem, when there are specific factors that might have been part of the issue. The treatment programs, from which exercise works best to individual counseling, are customized solutions for each individual. While working to discover the cause of the addiction, the team at Elevate creates therapies based on the individual rather than on the substance abused.

Embracing Long-Term Care

Addiction changes the brain’s chemistry – one cannot overcome years of drug addiction in 30 days – even common sense suggests this is true. Science tells us that for addicts to find life-long recovery, they must spend time learning how to change their lives for the long haul. In fact, it takes four to six months for the brain chemistry to return to normal after a user stops taking drugs, and the first month is simply the beginning of the healing process. Many people are released from 30-day programs before their brains have properly healed, leading most to relapse.

During Modern Living, Elevate Explains Importance of Education

Addiction doesn’t have to be a stigma for life. As a company representative, Guernaccini explained once an addict doesn’t have to mean always an addict. With the proper education and tools, those who suffer from dependence can overcome their addiction for a life-long change. The caring and passionate team at Elevate gives clients the tools they need to avoid relapse entirely – without depending on mood-altering substances.

Kathy Ireland’s Modern Living Reveals Elevate as Unique Treatment Option

Because of the personal approach to treatment that Elevate offers, addicts receive real, evidence-based solutions. To find out more about how Elevate’s approach to treating addiction can help you or your loved one, get in touch with a caring representative today.

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