Elevate Achieves Drug Prevention at Monterey County Fair

We Love the Fair! 

The Monterey County Fair is back in town, providing yet another perfect opportunity for Elevate to reach out about drug prevention. We try to get involved in as many community events as possible, and the annual fairs are one of our favorite times of year to do so. Our local fairs provide a family friendly and safe atmosphere for families to play, eat good food, and enjoy some entertainment. The Monterey County Fair provided all of these this year, and the energy and turnout was great. We used this fun event as an opportunity to add some drug prevention and awareness to the mix, talking to as many local parents and kids as we could, and we came in style! 

Our Booth! 

drug prevention-monterey county fair Catching the attention of passing by kids at a fun filled fair is no easy task, so this year we had to bring our A game. We gave away more Elevate swag than we could count! Elevate staff were there all day and night handing out countless school supplies, fidget spinners, bracelets and tote bags. Qualifying for some Elevate swag required one thing–spin our prize wheel and let one of our staff briefly talk to you about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Anyone already in recovery got a special gift from Elevate to acknowledge their hard work – a pair of sunglasses, perfect for the summer heat at the fair. Based on the amount of swag we left with after our five days at the fair we estimate that Elevate was able to reach out to HUNDREDS of people. 


Drug Prevention Was Our Goal! 

elevate addiction services - drug prevention - monterey county fair

It’s easy to get distracted with the hustle and bustle of the fair, but the Elevate staff went there with one purpose in mind and that was DRUG PREVENTION. Armed with informational flyers and pamphlets Elevate made it a point to talk to parents with young children about how to start the talk with their kids about drug and alcohol abuse. In addition to working towards drug prevention with children, a few adults pulled our staff aside to talk about their own problems with drug and alcohol, inquiring on where to get help. Having provided referrals to adults in need, and opening up a dialogue with parents and kids about drug awareness and prevention, overall we would call our time this year at the Monterey County Fair a huge success! 

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