Elevate Staff and Clients Take Experiential Therapy Trip to Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA

At Elevate, even though we have an expansive, spread-out campus for clients in inpatient treatment, we still don’t believe in keeping our residents cooped up on the property. This is why experiential therapy is one of the core components of our holistic approach to treatment.

On Halloween morning last month, we took more than 20 clients to the Mystery Spot, located just outside of the nearby city of Santa Cruz, California. Designated as a California historical landmark, the Mystery Spot is a “gravitational anomaly” situated on a rural, redwoods-covered hill. The gravity-defying spot itself spans 150 feet in diameter, and compasses allegedly won’t work properly in the area.

Elevate staff and clients got to take a guided tour of the Mystery Spot, and several us posed at 45-degree angles for some eye-popping pictures inside the main cabin on the property. See a quick, 50-second recap of our recent trip to the Mystery Spot by watching the following video:

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