Elevate’s Dan Manson Explains: What Does Holistic Rehab Really Mean?

 How is holistic drug and alcohol treatment different from traditional rehab? Dan Manson, CEO of Elevate Addiction Services, recently discussed the answer with Ethan Bearman of KGO 810 radio on his weekly CEO Spotlight segment.

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Removing Labels and Learning Who You Are Without Substances

In response to Ethan’s question on what makes holistic rehab different, Dan points out the importance of removing labels and giving a person the opportunity to find out who they are without any substances in their system, legal or illegal.

Dan Manson Quote About Elevate Rehab“Our goal is to remove labels entirely while you’re here,” says Dan, referring not only to the stigma of addiction, but also the labeling that comes with medical diagnoses that shape how people see themselves.

The approach that Elevate Addiction Services takes is to get their clients off of all substances, in an accepting and non-judgmental environment, so that they can discover their natural state of being and go from there.

“We get them to a point where they’re not on anything,” says Dan. This makes it possible to see what is really going on with a person (as opposed to being caused by substances) and figure out what underlying issues need to be addressed in order to prevent substance abuse when they leave treatment.

“We treat people in a way that brings the power back to themselves,” says Dan. This is a critical part of holistic treatment – Its aim is not just to solve a problem or eliminate symptoms, it seeks to heal the whole person from the inside out.
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Putting an End to Going in and out of Rehab

In the interview, Ethan points out that recovering addicts often have been in and out of rehab many times, and don’t become sober for the long term until they truly want to be sober.

Dan agrees that this is a crucial component to treatment that leads to life-long recovery.

“You can be sober and miserable. What we do is help people find their passion for life, so they want to be sober.”

Typically, in drug and alcohol rehab, a person goes in for 30 days and then they’re out and it’s up to them to maintain sobriety, but all too often, the motivation isn’t there.

Elevate Addiction Services – which has a 90-day program instead of the 30-day industry standard – begins with physical and mental healing such as exercise, education, therapy, good nutrition, and getting plenty of sleep, all in a positive environment. This helps the person get back in control of their life.

Once this initial healing is underway, they help clients address the question, “Why are you turning to drugs?” As the underlying suffering that’s triggering addictive behavior is addressed, they can start defining what a happy sober life looks like for that person.

Physically and psychologically healed, and armed with a deeply personal reason to stay sober, former addicts are ready to leave Elevate and never return – unless it’s to visit friends and mentors and give back to the community.

Listen for Yourself

In the interview, Dan also shares his business advice as a CEO; advising on the best thing to do when running a business, and worst thing to not do as a business owner.

Listen to the Entire Interview Below:

KGO-810 Interviews Dan Manson of Elevate Addiction Services

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