Five Reasons Autumn Is the Perfect Season to Enroll in Addiction Recovery

Addiction can ruin lives no matter the time of the year. If you or a loved one are considering addiction recovery services from a non-12-step drug rehab or a non-12-step alcohol treatment facility, now is the perfect time to do so. Summer has come to an end, and soon the leaves will be falling from the trees in rich, royal colors. The days will become shorter and the temperatures cooler. Autumn is just around the corner, and it’s a great season to consider entering inpatient rehab programs like those offered at Elevate Addiction Services.

Here are five reasons to consider non-12-step rehab this fall.  

1. Autumn Is Seen as a Season of New Beginnings

The change in seasons and the freedom from oppressing heat, and the beginning of the school year give many people the impression that autumn is a season of rebirth. The only other time of year there’s such a drastic shift in weather is from winter to spring. Why wait half a year when there are non-12-step recovery programs available and taking patients now? It’s time to stop putting this off.

An enrollee in inpatient rehab programs will find themselves again through various services, including therapy. Of course, in finding oneself, the enrollee will also have to redefine who they are without the powerful influences of alcohol and drugs in their lives. They will be reborn, in a way then, which makes autumn the right time to enroll in non-12-step alcohol treatment and non-12-step drug rehab.

2. And a Time of Renewed Responsibility

Summer is like a dream, which is probably why it only lasts about three months. During this warm season, everyone is eager to get out and have fun. Spending days at the beach, the swimming pool, or the amusement park are typical. People plan lavish vacations to get away from the stressors of everyday life.

Then autumn arrives, and everyone has to go back to their responsibilities. For adults, this means getting back to work after taking a relaxing vacation. Children of all ages return to school.

By enrolling in non-12-step recovery programs in the autumn, people suffering from addiction can get back to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life as summer comes to an official end. When they choose holistic recovery programs like those offered at Elevate Addiction Services, they can participate in body rejuvenation therapy, enjoy better nutrition and health, and join therapy components that all contribute to the success of their time in the program. This can be their entrance into a responsible life. An addict may have lost their job or even their career due to their substance abuse, but it’s not too late to change that. With non-12-step rehab, enrollees get on the right track to sobriety and success.

non-12-step recovery programs in the autumn

3. There’s Less Distracting Heat

Even those who love warm weather tend to get sick of it when there’s a wall of humidity outside every day. Going through one’s daily routine is more draining when the summer heat is at its worst. Such warmth can be especially dangerous for addicts, who may neglect their hydration and other self-care in the pursuit of their drug or alcohol of choice.

If the addict decides they want to detox by themselves at home, their health is again at risk. Sweating is a symptom of withdrawal that can be intensified in the summer heat. Other symptoms, such as muscle shakes and tremors, nausea and vomiting, heart palpitations, breathing troubles, tightness in the chest, and dizziness can all be made worse by high temperatures and humidity. Those are just the symptoms that affect the body. Do remember that withdrawal causes mental and mood side effects as well.

The weather could potentially increase the chances of an addict experiencing severe physical symptoms of withdrawal. These include delirium tremens when cutting out alcohol, hallucinations, stroke, heart attacks, and grand mal seizures. If an addict has one or more of these symptoms, it can be fatal.

While we never advocate withdrawing at home alone, getting on the path to sobriety is easier to do without the stifling summer heat. Once the temperatures cool, an enrollee can focus more on what they have to do to get sober instead of the uncomfortable weather outside.

4. It’s the Perfect Time to Get Outside

Speaking of the weather outside, autumn is one of the best times of the year for outdoor activities. Those who enroll in Elevate Addiction Services and any of our non-12-step recovery programs will get to participate in body rejuvenation therapy and many outdoor and indoor exercises.

What exactly is body rejuvenation? This is a holistic service intended for those want to rebuild their personal health and well being after recovery. The therapy reintroduces healthy minerals and vitamins back into the lives of enrollees. Besides improving damage to the body’s cells, tissues, and organs, enrollees often report more controlled dopamine and serotonin production. They also enjoy less stress and depression.

We believe that sobriety starts with a healthy, sound body and mind. Our holistic care includes exercise addiction recovery services. Since our facility is near Santa Cruz, we have plenty of fulfilling, enriching outdoor activities for our enrollees to engage in. For instance, they can visit South Lake Tahoe and kayak on its pristine waters. We even have an outdoor pool for swimming.

Our experiential and adventure therapy is all outdoors. Weekly, our staff takes enrollees to a nearby lake, forest, or beach for time spent exploring, understanding, and ultimately appreciating nature and all its bountiful gifts.

With running and hiking trails, volleyball and basketball nets and courts, weightlifting equipment, indoor and outdoor bikes for peddling, and more, there are plenty of ways to get in shape and feel better than ever at Elevate Addiction Services.

There’s still even more enrollees can do. We also have meditation and breathing exercises, CrossFit, and yoga available. When combined with our nutritional services and our body rejuvenation, enrollees feel reinvigorated in every sense of the word.

5. The Holidays Are Looming

Our last reason addicts might want to consider enrolling in non-12-step rehab programs like Elevate Addiction Services this fall is because of the fast-approaching holidays. We may be just bidding summer adieu, but soon it will be time to start thinking of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year’s, and all the other winter holidays.

These are traditionally times of year that are spent with family. Some addicts who are ashamed of their substance abuse issues may have separated from their loved ones. Sure, they may occupy the same physical space, but the addict no longer speaks to or enjoys love and intimacy with their spouse. Their relations with the rest of their family are strained as well.

The holiday season then can add a lot of pressure on an addict. They feel more inclined to isolate further away from sociability so no one finds out about their substance abuse problems. Holidays such as New Year’s are prime drinking occasions, which can also push an addict into alcohol abuse. That’s a terrible way to start a brand new year.

This fall, wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with the family and enjoy a calm and memorable holiday season? At Elevate Addiction Services, our inpatient plans are about 90 days, give or take. (We don’t encourage our enrollees to leave any sooner than they’re ready, of course.) If you were to enroll in an addiction recovery service today, it’s possible to come out on the other side before the year is over sober and ready to enjoy a richer, healthier, and more rewarding life without alcohol or drugs.

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Looking for inpatient rehab programs that prioritize non-12-step rehab? Elevate Addiction Services in Northern California is the answer. We prioritize holistic means of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Our non-12-step recovery programs never put the blame or responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the addict or enrollee. Instead, we work with each and every enrollee to discover the source of their addiction and what other life factors contributed to where they are today. Our enrollees will focus on renewing the health of their bodies, their minds, and their spirits as they venture through our program and achieve sobriety.

Here are some of the cornerstones of the holistic treatment program at Elevate Addiction Services.



With our trained team of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, we offer both one-on-one and group therapy for enrollees. There are also such modalities as dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy available.  


For the body, mind, and spirit, there’s aromatherapy. This alternative treatment relies on essential oils that please the senses and benefit health. Enrollees might have less painful medically-supervised withdrawals, improved sleep, stronger mental clarity, and more relaxation. That’s why aromatherapy fits so well with our various activities, such as group meditation and detox.

Massage Therapy

Aches and pains can be soothed by our trained masseuses. With regular massages, chronic pain, tension, and stress are lessened while blood circulation is bettered.

Music and Art Therapy

Then there’s our music and art therapy, which allows for a great way to get one’s feelings out. Most people who are battling addiction can lose their sense of self, as mentioned. Through art and music, they can recover their identity while experiencing and showcasing their range of emotions and feelings about their addiction and their sobriety.


Our mindfulness exercises don’t take a lot out of an enrollee’s day, only five minutes. During that span, the enrollee will learn the importance of gratitude, self-reflection, and inner peace. As the enrollee’s journey to sobriety continues, they will have more and more to be grateful for. Mindfulness exercises are also a great chance for the enrollee to stop and realize just how far they’ve come.


With some rehab facilities, once the 60 or 90 days is up, the enrollees are cut loose and released back into the world. Here at Elevate Addiction Services, we don’t believe that is conducive to long-term sobriety. Enrollees will leave our facility with the tools and skills needed to maintain sobriety in the real world, but sometimes they need help and accountability.

This is where our aftercare services come into play. One of the staff members at the facility will stay in touch with the enrollee after they finish the program. This sense of accountability can keep the enrollee on the right path even as they navigate the difficult road that is sobriety outside of a rehab facility.

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If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and are looking for help during the autumn or any other time of the year, we encourage you to contact us at Elevate Addiction Services. We’re based in Northern California near the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Santa Cruz mountains.

Whether our patients need non-12-step drug rehab or non-12-step alcohol treatment, we can help them reach their goals. Besides the exercise and nutrition programs we mentioned above, our holistic treatment plan includes many other activities that center around a person’s spirit, mind, and body. Only by focusing on all three is lasting sobriety truly possible.

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