The Expert Corner: Can Men Have Eating Disorders?

The Expert Corner: Can Men Have Eating Disorders?

Expert Corner QuestionI know guys can be really vain with fitness and all, but do men get eating disorders, or is it just girls and women? Everyone seems to only talk about the girls.

Elevate Expert AnswerMen can absolutely get eating disorders. It is just less common for the obvious reason that for decades in America, girls and women have had a lot of pressure on them to have a perfect body. Eating disorders usually start in the teenage years to early 20s, but people of any age can suffer from it.

Expert Corner Men With Eating DisordersIn fact, anyone who is experiencing a lack of confidence in their body and takes drastic action to try to correct perceived flaws can become trapped by an eating disorder. There are other factors of course, but it is unfortunately becoming more and more common in American society.

Presently, an increasing number of men are becoming afflicted with eating disorders for the same reason as women. Societal pressure demands that men have washboard abs and big muscles. So, yes, it can affect anyone regardless of gender.

However, in my opinion, it is doubtful that the number of men with eating disorders will ever come close to the number of women.

Dan Manson, Elevate Addiction Services PresidentAnswered by: Dan Manson
Elevate Addiction Services President
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