Expert Corner: Is Cocaine as Addictive as Other Drugs?

Expert Corner QuestionI’ve heard a bunch of people say that cocaine is really hard to get addicted to and that’s it’s a clean drug. Some people have even said the cravings are like craving pot. They say if you can handle pot, you can handle cocaine. But everything on the internet says cocaine is like the most addictive. What’s true?

Elevate Expert AnswerCocaine is definitely addictive and there is plenty of scientific and medical research to support this fact. Sure, some people may use cocaine and not become addicted to it. Some people may try cigarettes and not become addicted to them either, and cigarettes are incredibly addictive.

There are a lot of factors that go into play (such as genetics) concerning why one person might become addicted to something while others can try it and move on. Just because someone’s father was an addict does not mean they will become one, but they might. Minimally it would be a strike against them. There are other factors as well and we are always learning more and more about this.

When people refer to a drug being “clean”, they typically mean it has not been cut with other harmful substances in order to dilute the drug and make more money off it. I would definitely say that cocaine alone is less HARMFUL than cocaine that has been cut with harsh chemicals, but cocaine alone is not harmless. Also, it is no more or less ADDICTIVE if it is clean, it is just a substance without other chemicals.

So to sum it up, yes cocaine in any form is addictive and is well documented.

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3 thoughts on “Expert Corner: Is Cocaine as Addictive as Other Drugs?”
  1. This was a good question and very well answered. It gave good information about the different types of addictiveness in substances and it cleared up what “clean” meant with regards to drugs.

  2. Yea, the stuff they use to cut Cocaine alone makes it dangerous. I also believe its highly addictive, seen first-hand what it can do.
    I think movies and TV shows make it look safer than it really is.

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