Expert Corner: Does LSD Permanently Rewire Your Brain?

Expert Corner: Does LSD Permanently Rewire Your Brain?

Expert Corner QuestionEver since I dropped LSD a few times, music just makes cry, like 2-5 times a month, sometimes even more. I’m not complaining. It feels amazing to feel the emotion in the music. But some people say that trips like that permanently mess up your brain’s wiring or make you numb. Is that true?


Elevate Expert AnswerThere has been a ton of research done on the effects of LSD and the dangers associated with taking it, so I won’t repeat that here. But the short answer is that there are potential long-term consequences, particularly from prolonged usage. Anything that severely affects the mind like LSD is potentially life-changing (or even life-threatening) for obvious reasons.

To try to answer your question, I don’t think we understand the mind or consciousness enough to know what exactly LSD is doing with the brain chemistry, but it certainly triggers emotions. Unfortunately, these emotions can be full blown paranoia, hallucinations, confusion, or other difficulties. Former users can experience flashbacks years later and these can be extremely emotional and even traumatic.

In your experience, it seems that you are feeling a connection with music because you were listening to it while on the drug and associate the emotions you are feeling with LSD. In my own opinion, I suggest that you always had the potential to experience music on that deep level and the drug just happened to help bring it out in you. In fact, I believe all of the “positive things that drugs are supposed to do” can be done without drugs, and without the dangers.

Dan Manson, Elevate Addiction Services PresidentAnswered by: Dan Manson
Elevate Addiction Services President
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