Non-12-Step Addiction Treatment vs. Traditional 12-Step Programs

Recovering from addiction is no small feat. Some people struggle with it their entire lives. Others have found a way to move on and live happy, sober lives.

What separates the ones who continue to struggle with addiction versus those who have recovered? It’s not about having the strongest willpower, as some people think.

Ultimately, successfully recovering from addiction requires finding the treatment approach that is best suited to your individual needs.

There are many components of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, including:

  • Clinical and Holistic Therapies
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Sobriety Education (such as relapse-prevention techniques)
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Peer Support

Many addiction treatment centers use the 12-step method for the group therapy and peer support portions of their treatment. Twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous have been around for a long time and there are many people who have found success in battling their addiction through these programs. However, 12-step programs aren’t for everyone.

At Elevate Addiction Services, we’re not opposed to 12-step programs; we just offer an alternative for those who either:

  • Tried a 12-step program before and didn’t achieve the success they hoped for
  • Are looking for an alternative to a faith-based approach to recovery

Let’s take a look at how non-12-step programs, like the one used at Elevate, compare to traditional 12-step programs.

What Is Non-12-Step Addiction Treatment?

Our non-12-step approach to addiction treatment provides the same benefits of 12-step programs, and addresses the issues that have been reported with 12-step programs.

Both 12-step and non-12-step programs provide benefits such as:

  • Taking responsibility for actions within your control
  • Letting go of what you can’t control
  • Sharing experiences and lessons with others who are going through similar struggles
  • Building friendships with other people committed to recovery
  • Support by mentors and peers

Additionally, our non-12-step program fills in the gaps where 12-step programs may have been less effective for some. Benefits of the non-12-step approach include:

  • Empowering clients to successfully overcome addiction for good (instead of accepting the need to constantly battle a disease)
  • Providing a non-religious framework for personal empowerment, regardless of spiritual beliefs
  • Providing therapy from trained professionals to help the client discover and resolve the root cause(s) of their addiction

You Are Powerful, and Addiction Is Not Forever

Yes You Can Permanently Recover From Addiction - Elevate Northern CaliforniaAlthough 12-step programs encourage people to take responsibility for their actions, they are also based on the concept that addiction is a lifelong disease that can never be cured, only held at bay. “Once an addict, always an addict,” as the saying goes.

While some people find this idea liberating (they’re not at fault, it’s their disease that’s to blame), others find it discouraging. And since motivation is the No. 1 key to success in addiction treatment, this might make 12-step programs ineffective for people who need a more empowered approach.

At Elevate, we know that complete, lasting recovery is possible. We’ve seen the truth of it played out in the lives of the hundreds of people we’ve helped achieve permanent recovery over the last 20-plus years.

You don’t need to struggle with addiction your whole life. In fact, not only is it possible to be sober for the rest of your life, it’s very possible to enjoy being sober for the rest of your life.

Spirituality Is Optional

Another turnoff for some people is the fact 12-step programs are organized around religious beliefs that are not held by all people.

With a non-12-step approach, we’re able to accommodate people from all types of faiths, as well as those who don’t believe in a higher power. Respecting each individual’s personal beliefs and values is an important part of empowering the individual in the recovery process.

Finding the Cure

If you believe that you have an incurable disease, then you never try to find a cure; you just try to manage the symptoms of the disease. But with appropriate therapy, it is possible to find the source (or multiple sources) of your addiction, and eliminate them. This takes time, but it’s worth the investment for a lifetime without constant struggle.

While all rehab facilities provide therapy, some programs are designed to teach the client to manage his or her disease, while other types are designed to help root out the cause of the problem. It’s important to ask about the type of therapy you’ll receive when you’re considering different treatment options.

A Program Designed Around You

Some people fit well with the culture and structure of traditional 12-step programs, but some do not. This is why, at Elevate, we customize a treatment plan for each individual. While some clients may feel very comfortable airing their history and emotions in a group setting, others need more private options to work through their issues around addiction. Sometimes a combination of both is ideal.

The SMART Recovery® System

SMART Recovery® is a peer support and education program that takes an empowering approach to helping individuals overcome addiction. It is based on cutting-edge scientific research and continues to evolve as we learn more about effective ways to battle addiction.

SMART Recovery® emphasizes four points that teach clients to:

  • Build and maintain motivation to stay sober
  • Cope with urges and cravings
  • Problem solve the best ways to manage personal behaviors
  • Achieve lifestyle balance

We recognize that it’s important for clients to have a support network after they leave formal treatment programs, and SMART Recovery® provides the same kind of peer-driven support as 12-step programs, but is more in alignment with the empowered-individual approach our clients learn at Elevate.

You can learn more about SMART Recovery® here.

All You Need Is You

“I did it all myself. Elevate helped.”

This testimonial from one of our clients may seem like a contradiction. After all, how could he do it all himself if we helped?

The answer is this: We give our clients the tools to create the change they want in their own lives.

We do this by:

  • Helping them see the reality of their circumstances clearly, once their body is physically cleared of mind-altering and mood-altering substances
  • Empowering them to take charge of what is in their control
  • Helping them release the mental, emotional and physical burdens that are keeping them trapped in a cycle of addiction
  • Supporting them in designing the sober life of their dreams
  • Teaching them skills to make their goals a reality
  • Connecting them with a peer support network for building new, empowering sober relationships

With the Elevate non-12-step program, you don’t need to give in to your addiction or surrender all of your control to a higher power. You don’t need anyone to save you.

Although you may not feel it now, you have the power to save yourself. We can help you unlock that power within.

Redefine Your Life with Non-12-Step Rehabilitation

Discover The Difference. Discover Elevate.

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