Outpatient Addiction Treatment After Inpatient Care

What happens after you leave a treatment center is just as important as what you experienced inside. Your decisions, the people you interact with, and everyday surroundings may challenge you. Having a structured post-treatment aftercare program with partners you can count on will make your transition easier as you create the life you truly want for yourself.

Transforming for Long-Term Recovery

Transformation begins the day you make the choice to fight your addiction and take charge of your destiny. The best addiction program doesn’t just get you off drugs. Instead, you’re offered a truly natural and holistic approach that heals mind, body, and spirit while stressing personal accountability, honesty, integrity and honor.

And recovery support shouldn’t end when you leave residential treatment. You want a program that offers the highest protection against relapse while providing the skills and tools to help you confidently live a life of purpose, self-respect, and happiness.

Aftercare Services Support Life-Long SuccessLearn About the Outpatient Program at The Treatment Center

When you complete your residential treatment with us, you’ll come out feeling like you have a new lease on life. Our aftercare program includes outpatient services that reinforce and build upon what you learned during your stay with us so that you can make these healthy changes permanent.

At Elevate, our vision is to create an environment where individuals can undergo addiction treatment in a caring, positive and professional setting. Our clients are active participants in every way, and they’re supported and empowered by compassionate staff and aftercare services that extend beyond the 90-day inpatient treatment program.

Graduation Ceremony

Making it through the inpatient program is no small accomplishment. It’s a big deal! We celebrate your hard work and invite your friends and family to join us, not only to celebrate the past few months, but also to welcome and support you as you prepare to take the lead in establishing a healthy, addiction-free life.

Customized Post-Treatment Plan

Upon graduation, you’ll receive a relapse prevention plan that’s customized to your unique needs. We partner with you and your family to develop a plan that includes practical items such as daily tips, helpful reminders, a list of personalized clinical and technological resources to help you stay on the path of healthy sobriety.

One-on-One Support

Our personal support means that you’ll never have to go it alone. After graduation, one of our staff members will provide private counseling in-person (if feasible), over the phone, or on a secure internet connection to assist you in overcoming obstacles and making a smooth transition.

Check-Up Calls

During these calls, your counselor will answer questions you have, ensure that you’re following the post-treatment plan, and continue to encourage you to use the knowledge and skills you’ve learned during inpatient treatment. After graduation, you’ll check in with your aftercare counselor once a week. Over time, these weekly calls will become less frequent as your confidence grows and you realize – “I’ve got this!”

Referral to an Appropriate Support Group

Being with others on the path of sobriety is a great way to make new friends, get support, and feel encouraged. Because recovery often means changing friends, a support group is a way to find new, healthier relationships. As part of your post-treatment plan, we’ll find support groups near your home that fit your needs. The support group may be different than a typical support group and may include activities of interest to you, like yoga or music.

Vocational Training

Many graduates are eager to give back to our program and would love to become mentors at Elevate. We offer a select group of individuals access to our training program and internship to continue to grow and possibly join our staff.

Graduate Assurance

Life is difficult, and recovery is not always a straight line. For graduates who have been following their plan, we offer a six-month window where you can return to Elevate for 30 days if you relapse.

Make Us Your Recovery Family

When you choose to come to Elevate for addiction treatment, you become part of our extended family, the next generation of hundreds of people like you who chose a holistic path to recovery.

We believe wholeheartedly that all of our graduates are fully capable of long-term recovery. We simply make the process easier by providing aftercare outpatient services that allow graduates to maintain and build upon the healthy life choices they make during their first 90 days with us.

The first step begins with you. Isn’t it time to overcome your addiction and gain a brighter future?

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