Relapse Can Reaffirm Sobriety

With national addiction treatment success rates at an unacceptable 10%, and the heroin epidemic producing heroin users relapsing at an astounding 90%, we must realize the uncomfortable truth that relapse is most likely going to happen. However, we must also realize that today’s heroin is so much more deadly than that of the past; one more time could possibly be your last. Recovery is not about just stopping addiction, it is a life-long journey of finding yourself and your inspiration to live the life you want. 

Learning From Your Mistakes

We all stumble in areas of our life — personally and with work — and that may include recovery.  The worst thing that you can do in any of these situations is to throw in the towel, say “screw it,” and REALLY throw your life away.  Allow yourself to learn from past mistakes — pause, learn from addiction/behavioral health professionals, your sponsor, social media groups, and friends, get back up, and keep going on your journey to sobriety. The only way to master any skill or art is to be willing to humble yourself and realize that you need to keep working on yourself.  Don’t let the guilt and shame you may feel put you into a tailspin of apathy.  Get back up and dust yourself off!  Don’t lie to your loved ones — be honest with them.  Tell them you made a mistake but want to correct it now before it gets worse – believe me, they will appreciate that instead of lying to them. 

Missteps Are Not Failures

In recovery, the stumbles don’t have to reinforce the belief that you are a failure or that addiction is an incurable disease, but allow us to learn how to navigate this life long journey. This is also true in business and personal matters because as we seek out new challenges, a sense of power and confidence will naturally grow.  Mistakes in any areas of your life help build experience and skills that will naturally squeeze addictive behaviors out of your life. 

However, you will only learn from your mistakes in a relapse and move forward if you truly want sobriety.  So you may need to reassess your life and decide what you’d be giving up if you continue down that road.  If you do an honest look, you’ll likely see that your loved ones and life accomplishments mean more to you than a temporary fix.

The Addiction Recovery Community

There are over 60,000 members (professionals and individuals in recovery) in the groups below that will do anything in their power to help anyone that is dedicated to recovery and are looking for help. This year we have witnessed thousands being helped in these groups the members deserve to be acknowledged for the life-saving work they have done. 

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19 Addiction/BH Social Media Resource Groups
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Facebook Group Addiction Professional Referral Group 10,000+ Members

Addiction Rescue; Help Before It’s Too Late 5,800 Members

LinkedIn Addiction Professional Referral Group 13,000 Members

Addiction and Behavioral Health South Florida

California Addiction and Behavioral Health

Addiction and Behavioral Health Marketing

Addiction Professional Referral Group

Recovery in Behavioral Health and Addictions

Addiction Behavioral Health CEO Round Table

Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Behavioral Health Treatment Options

Addiction Related Clinical Director Forum

Addiction and Behavioral Health Job Seekers

Addiction Behavioral Health Counselor Coffee Talk ☕

Addiction and Behavioral Health Lifestyle

FACEBOOK Addiction and Behavioral Health Group

FACEBOOK South Florida Addiction and Behavioral Health Connection

G+ Addiction and Behavioral Health B2P Referrals

FACEBOOK Behavioral Health Network Resources

TWITTER Recovery and Support

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