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Heroin Addiction

4 Questionable Ways the Media Talks About Heroin Addiction
Heroin, smack, horse, or just H.  Whatever people call it, it’s a dangerous drug that can cause a serious addiction, which requires a heroin treatment program.  But when hearing about heroin addiction in the media, one might assume that it is chic, that it’s a lifestyle,  and that only poor people and famous celebrities get addicted. That addiction to heroin is somehow a failing on the part of the person and that the only way is to go “cold turkey.”  The media and popular culture send conflicting messages about drugs, especially heroin.  When a person is searching for “heroin treatment ...
Alcohol Recovery

Starting the Journey: Understanding the Stages of Alcohol Recovery
The road to recovery is a long one, but modern alcohol treatment centers have come a long way. The gradual establishment of new routines, new normalcy and the pursuit of happiness can take time—but understanding the road’s path makes all the difference. The specifics of an individual’s addiction, certainly, require insight. For most people, the path to recovery follows a trajectory which stems from a “rock bottom” point. While waiting for such an ultimate low isn’t necessarily a good idea, it remains a common foundation upon which many struggling people rise from. Again: Everyone is different. By being honest with yourself, however, ...