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Stuck in a Loop; Why Recovery Requires More than Just Detox to Move Forward
The journey toward sobriety is a personal experience. Each individual enters an alcohol treatment program for a unique reason. Some have tried to stop drinking on their own, but alcohol withdrawal symptoms were too severe to manage alone. Others arrive at a detox center after a hospital stay or intervention, knowing the side effects of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) not only hurt the user, but their family and friends suffer along with them. While achieving freedom from alcohol starts with cleansing the body, going through a period of detoxification, it is important to realize that detox isn’t treatment – it is preparation ...
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Reconnecting: 4 Ways to Balance Your Old Life and New Found Sobriety with Aftercare
Completing an outpatient alcohol treatment program is merely the first step in overcoming addiction and forging a new life. As addiction aftercare programs often stress, successful completion of a formal treatment program is not a guarantee of ongoing addiction recovery. The person completing treatment must be willing to engage in aftercare drug treatment as well as find new ways to balance his or her old lifestyle with the new one obtained through treatment. Having an Addictive Personality Can Make Ongoing Recovery Challenging People prone to addiction often have an underlying tendency to seek excitement by drinking or using drugs. It can also ...
Rehab for Parents:

Rehab for Parents: How to Get Your Life Back Without Leaving Them Alone
There are few things as heartbreaking to parents than realizing that their beloved son or daughter is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs to get into inpatient or outpatient treatment. It does not matter if the addicted child is a young adult who has just left home or a middle-aged adult who has been on his or her own for many years. The sadness, frustration, anger, feelings of helplessness, and many other strong emotions are the same. Parents of adult children instinctively wonder what they can do and how far they should go to get their adult child into ...