All the Wrong Reasons People Try to Detox at Home

Substance abuse wreaks havoc on the body and mind. After acknowledging the problem exists, the first step toward sobriety is detoxification, the process of removing the drugs and alcohol from a person’s system after their final dose or last drink.

During this time, the symptoms of withdrawal are at their peak, as is the chance of fatal medical complications.

Elevate Addiction Services wants everyone struggling with addiction to understand the importance of medical intervention during detox, and to avoid the temptation to try to save money by trying home detox.

Why Would Anyone Choose Home Detox?

Despite the risks, many people with substance abuse problems attempt to detox on their own at home. While this may seem preferable to a clinical setting, home detox is dangerous.

A person who attempts this route may face extraordinary cravings and, without moral support or supervision, simply relapse immediately to stave off withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that the individual may fall into a critical state, requiring medical attention. If no one is there to help, this situation can easily turn fatal.

It’s crucial for anyone struggling with substance abuse to understand there is no good excuse to attempt detox on your own. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly cited excuses for trying home detox and debunked them here.

‘I Can’t Afford Detox’

Detox is a medically necessary procedure, and many health organizations have made detox treatment accessible and affordable to virtually anyone. If you believe that detox will be too expensive, take the time to investigate your insurance options, discounted detox services, or free options in your area.

Reach out to a trusted substance abuse treatment center. If they cannot help your particular situation and needs, they will be able to refer you to a facility that can answer your questions and meet any needs in order to keep you safe.

‘My Insurance Doesn’t Cover Detox’

Detox is technically a life-saving procedure, and therefore medically necessary to those who need it. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover it explicitly, there are certainly other options to help you afford the procedure.

If your insurance company doesn’t cover the full cost of detox treatment, you can explore one of the following payment options:

  • Private pay (cash or credit card)
  • Finance your deductible or out-of-pocket costs
  • Scholarships and grants available at some treatment centers

‘I Can’t Miss Work for Detox’

Detox From Drugs Or Alcohol At Home Dont Risk It - Elevate RehabMedically assisted detox is available during flexible schedules so you can maintain your daily routine and avoid missing work. However, it’s important to note that advanced types of addiction will invariably require more extensive detox procedures and possibly an extended stay at a facility.

If you are facing such a situation, realize that you are lucky to be entering detox at all at this point. Missing some time at work is a small sacrifice in comparison to the long-term benefits.

We generally don’t recommend part-time detox – aka trying to go through detox while still going to work every day. You should try to commit fully to the detox process for the week or the two weeks or however long it takes. If you keep delaying the procedure, addiction will likely push you out of the job eventually.

Keep in mind that under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you are allowed to undergo a medically necessary procedure (like drug detox) without the threat of losing your job for doing so. This is a much better option than missing days of work because of your substance use, all while prolonging your addiction and delaying the help you need.

‘I Can’t Let My Family and Friends Know I Am Going into Detox’

Although support from family and friends is an invaluable asset when confronting addiction, we understand the need for privacy. As a medical procedure, detox falls under HIPAA laws, and this prevents your doctor or anyone else from talking about your medical condition without your consent.

The only people who will know about your condition are those you decide should be informed.

‘Now Is Not the Right Time for Me to Go to Detox’

This is possibly the worst excuse on the list. When is the right time? The longer addiction goes unaddressed, the more dangerous it becomes.

It’s understandable and natural to feel anxious at the thought of entering detox, but please understand that anxiety pales in comparison to the relief you will experience after completing detox.

‘I Don’t Think My Addiction Is Severe Enough to Need Detox’

If this excuse is true, then detox will be even easier for you. With care and supervision from medical professionals, patient health and safety are totally secured.

‘Detox Is Scary/Traumatic/Painful’

Medically supervised detox is safer and more comfortable than at-home detox. The medical community understands the risks of an addicted person going “cold turkey,” and detox is no longer handled with a hands-off approach.

‘The Staff Will Judge Me’

Health care professionals deal with all types of medical conditions, and getting you through detox is just another procedure for them. Your doctor’s chief concern is to keep you safe and as comfortable as possible during detox, so you have no need to worry about judgment from the staff.

‘I Got Myself into Addiction and I’ll Get Myself Out’

While it’s true that your recovery is your responsibility, there are some jobs that require professional intervention. Trust a medical professional to help get the drugs out of your system. After that, it will be up to you to keep them out.

Home Detox Isn’t Worth the Risks

Medically assisted detox is the safest option for this stage of recovery. During a medically assisted detox procedure, a person struggling with addiction may receive medication to manage the symptoms of withdrawal, in addition to nutritional support to help repair the damage done to the body.

Advanced stages of substance abuse can entail severe withdrawal symptoms, and many people with addictions may die of these symptoms without medical intervention. Trust Elevate to help you through the detox process. We take an extended approach to detox treatment to allow our clients to overcome withdrawal safely and thoroughly.

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