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Just 30 miles from San Francisco, the town of Danville is located in Contra Costa County. Danville is known for its small-town atmosphere and many shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Danville offers adventure around every corner and a strong sense of community.

Unfortunately, residents of Danville still struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. In an attempt to encourage locals to enroll in addiction treatment, California State Senator Scott Wiener introduced legislation that would provide financial incentives for those who stop using drugs. 

Substance Abuse Trends in Danville & Contra Costa County, California

The legislation mentioned above is aimed at individuals who abuse methamphetamines. Meth is now involved in one-fifth of all drug arrests in San Francisco and is tied to roughly half of the emergency room visits. 

Another substance of concern in the Danville area is opioids. While the prescription rate for opioids in Contra Costa County has steadily declined over the past few years, it still remains an issue for some of the residents in Danville. In 2017, an estimated 54,000 individuals reported abusing opioids in Contra Costa. 

Opioid Epidemic

“No community is immune to this (opioid) epidemic,” the County’s Medication Education and Disposal Safety (MEDS) Coalition stated in a local report. Generally, individuals abusing opioids tend to be white males between the ages of 18 and 49 with easy access to medical care and doctors who prescribe opioids. 

Recently, northern California has seen a spike in fentanyl-laced opioids. Many teens have overdosed on what they believed to be prescription opioids that turned out to be laced with an extremely potent opioid, fentanyl. To combat this trend, there is a new rehab center specifically for teens opening in Danville. 

Award Winning Addiction Treatment

Overcoming addiction is one phone call away.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Types in Danville, California

Due to Danville’s smaller size, locals may be disappointed to find limited addiction treatment types available in the area. In some cases, individuals may want to consider traveling to enroll in a treatment program that best suits their situation. 

Different types of drug and alcohol addiction treatments may include: 

Most rehab facilities will offer one or a combination of the above services. Counseling is a large part of addiction treatment, as it helps people identify the root of their addictive behaviors. Group and family counseling can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to heal their relationships and learn more about others who are going through similar situations.

Detoxification and Drug Rehab

The first step to addiction treatment is typically a detox phase. Detoxing is particularly important for individuals because it helps them obtain the right frame of mind before they continue their recovery process. Individuals who struggle with severe addictions may be considering a medication-assisted treatment program; however, many of these treatments support the idea of replacing one medication with another. 

Someone interested in being off of all medications may want to consider drug-free counseling options. Outpatient drug-free counseling is an excellent treatment type for this type of recovery. 

It is important to note that recovery is unique to the individual. Recovery is not the same process for everyone, and that is okay. 

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment near Danville, California

Elevate Addiction Services has a location in Santa Cruz that is roughly an hour and a half away from Danville. At Elevate, we promote the idea of holistic recovery. By enrolling in our treatment programs, individuals will be taught the skills needed to reclaim their lives from addiction. 

With evidence-based treatments such as personal nutrition and fitness plans, individuals will be shown new ways to heal and address negative habits. With a focus on improving both physically and mentally, individuals will be prepared for whatever the world has in store when they leave Elevate. 

Learn more about addiction treatment options offered at Elevate, and if they are the right fit for you or your loved one by contacting us today

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