Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Monterey, California

Monterey is a scenic coastal city, located on Monterey Bay. The City of Monterey is located in Monterey County and boasts historical sites as well as a residential community and premier tourist destinations. 

Despite its natural beauty and sweeping bay views, Monterey residents are still susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse. On average, about 50 drug-related deaths occurred in Monterey County between 2015 and 2017. 

In 2017, the unemployment rate in Monterey County was 10.5 percent compared to the State average of 5.4 percent. 

Substance Abuse Trends in Monterey & Monterey County, California

At the beginning of 2020, Monterey County experienced more overdoses due to fentanyl. These overdoses were happening among younger people from teens to those in their early 20s. It’s now known that the majority of these overdoses were accidents. Those who overdosed had believed they were taking a less potent opioid, but in reality, they were taking fentanyl-laced drugs

Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and has been on the rise in the U.S. in the last couple of years. More shipments are making their way from China to Mexico and, from there, coming across the border into California.   

It seems like the rate of opioid-related deaths has gone down, with only eight total deaths in 2018. However, this number refers only to prescription pain medication and not what substances can be found illicitly throughout the county. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Types in Monterey, California

Monterey is a large county with more than 3,000 square miles –  there are many rural areas mixed in with coastal cities. 

There are some drug and alcohol treatment options available in Monterey. However, many of these programs may choose to use a standard one-size-fits-all addiction treatment model, which doesn’t focus on the individual as much as it focuses on the time allotted for treatment. These programs may or may not work depending on the individual. 

How to Determine What Drug Rehab to Choose

There are a few things that should be included when deciding what type of drug and alcohol treatment to enroll in. 

First, individuals should look at the severity of their condition: 

  • How long have they struggled with addiction? 
  • How many substances are they addicted to? 
  • Is it possible that they are struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder? 

Learning the honest answers to these questions can help individuals pick the proper treatment type and possibly avoid relapse. Generally, substance abuse treatment types include some or a mix of the following: 

  • detoxification 
  • behavioral counseling 
  • long-term follow up to prevent relapse 

However, new programs are now seeing the benefits of other evidence-based treatments, like fitness and nutrition plans and mindfulness. Individuals who have struggled with substance abuse can quickly become vitamin deficient, so they often immediately feel the benefits of a well-balanced diet. 

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment near Monterey, California

A short 45-minute drive from the City of Monterey will arrive at Elevate Addiction Services’ Santa Cruz location. At Elevate, we believe in a holistic treatment approach. While we believe that behavioral counseling is vital during the recovery process, we also try to limit the medications given to an individual. 

Medications are only available during the detoxification process, which allows as much time as the individual chooses to spend on this step. 

In addition to inpatient and traditional outpatient, another offering from Elevate is our Telehealth option. This treatment type is a virtual outpatient treatment that allows individuals to attend addiction treatment sessions from the comfort of their homes. To learn more about the treatment offerings at Elevate, contact us today. 

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