Alcohol and Drug Rehab in San Mateo, California

San Mateo is a central employment hub in the San Francisco Bay area. Located in San Mateo County, the city of San Mateo offers numerous parks and commercial areas, individuals will find plenty to do in the area. 

Sadly, some residents of San Mateo still struggle to overcome addiction. In 2018, more than 119 people visited the emergency room because of an opioid overdose. 

Substance Abuse in San Mateo & San Mateo County, California

Illicit drug use was most prevalent in the San Mateo area in 2017. Illegal drugs can include:

  • cocaine
  • heroin
  • hallucinogens
  • prescription psychotherapeutics used nonmedically. 

The number of people 12 and older who reported illicit drug use in the past year was 782,000 in San Mateo County. This is roughly 21.9 percent of the overall population in the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont region. A higher rate of people in San Mateo reported illicit drug use than California and the nation as a whole. 

Although only 5.6 percent of people in San Mateo reported using prescription drugs for a nonmedical reason, opioid abuse is still prevalent in the area. Thirty-nine people died due to opioid overdose in 2018. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Types in San Mateo, California

San Mateo is a densely populated area. As such, individuals are likely to find numerous drug and alcohol addiction treatment types in the area. Treatment types available in San Mateo include: 

  • detoxification services 
  • outpatient treatment 
  • residential programs 
  • medication-assisted treatment 

There are so many ways to approach addiction treatment, and researchers are still learning new ways to do so with every passing year. 

Some things to consider when picking out an addiction treatment include: 

  • whether or not you are addicted to more than one substance 
  • how long you have struggled with addiction
  • if you have experienced a relapse before

Another thing to consider is whether or not someone struggles with a co-occurring mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. It is common for individuals struggling with substance abuse to experience mental health issues and be unaware of it. 

Inpatient or Residential Treatment Program

People who have experienced any of the above factors will likely do better in an inpatient or residential program because inpatient programs are designed around someone living at the rehab facility during their addiction treatment. This living situation gives them a built-in support system and allows them to focus solely on healing. 

Detoxing Before Drug Rehab Treatment

It is most common for someone to complete a detox program before entering an inpatient treatment regimen. Detoxing first allows people to become substance-free before going into the central treatment portion of their recovery. 

Should You Get Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Individuals will want to consider medication-assisted treatments carefully. While these programs are useful for individuals who struggle with opioid abuse, they are often seen as replacing one medication with another. 

At Elevate Addiction Services, we believe that individuals, no matter what substance they are addicted to, can and should come entirely off all substances while in treatment. We believe that being substance-free is essential for better outcomes in post-treatment living. 

Finding the Right Substance Abuse Treatment Program near San Mateo, California

At times, it can be beneficial to attend substance abuse treatment outside of your city. This is particularly true for individuals who are looking at attending an inpatient treatment program. Sometimes, local options will not meet an individual’s needs.

Individuals in San Mateo may want to consider Elevate Addiction Rehab’s Santa Cruz location for their addiction treatment needs. 

At Elevate, we believe in a holistic treatment approach that focuses on the whole person. Every aspect of their lives: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual, are all taken into account. Considering the whole person during addiction treatment is vital to long-lasting recovery.

To learn more about how we at Elevate can help you or a loved one heal today, call us today. 

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