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San Rafael is the county seat in Marin County, California. San Rafael is the oldest city in the county. There is plenty for nature lovers and urban dwellers to experience in San Rafael; from hiking and kayaking to the historic shopping district, there is plenty to prevent boredom. 

Sadly, many people in San Rafael deal with substance abuse. More than one-in-five, or 22 percent, of adults in Marin County, reported excessive drinking in the last month, which is higher than the state rate of 17 percent. 

Substance Abuse Trends in San Rafael & Marin County

As a part of Marin County’s Strategic Prevention Plan, local residents were surveyed, and it was found that alcohol, e-cigarettes and other drugs, including marijuana and prescription drugs, appear to be perceived as normal behavior across all age groups. 

Alcohol Abuse in Marin County

About 40 percent of 9th-graders reported that they had their first drink by the time they were 14 years old, and 19 percent of 11th-graders had used alcohol three or more times in the last month. 

More than 22 percent of adults 21 and older also reported excessive drinking in the last month. Marin adults 65 and older also have high drinking rates. More than 12 percent of adults over the age of 65 reported binge drinking in the past year. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in San Rafael, California

Drug and alcohol treatment programs in San Rafael are few in number, but still accessible. Individuals looking for substance abuse treatment in San Rafael may want to consider traveling out of the city to find a treatment program that works for them. 

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Treatment Programs

Some of the most common treatment types include inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient treatment would be a good fit for someone who is looking for constant support during their recovery. People who have experienced the following should consider an inpatient or residential treatment program:

  • a prior relapse
  • addiction to more than one substance 
  • the presence of a co-occurring mental health disorder 
  • abusing substances for more than six months in a row 

All of the above factors are common issues that can influence someone’s recovery process. Residential treatment brings people to live at the rehab center during their treatment. The change in environment can make a significant difference for those how have struggled with their substance abuse alone for too long. 

Finding the Right Substance Abuse Treatment Program Near San Rafael, California

Realizing that you or a loved one needs help is the first step to finding the right substance abuse treatment. It is important to note that no two people will experience addiction in the same way. As such, no two people will recover in the same manner. 

Elevate Addiction Services offers evidence-based, holistic treatment to locals in northern California, with a convenient location to San Rafael in Santa Cruz. We believe that addiction treatment should be more than treating addiction symptoms. 

Proper substance abuse treatment should address the whole person–mind, body, and spirit. Clients at Elevate will experience a hopeful sense of community and tons of new treatment approaches, all personally tailored to their specific needs. 

Learn more by contacting an addiction specialist today! 

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