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Walnut Creek is a city in Contra Costa County. Located in the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay, Walnut Creek has a historic downtown area with 100-year-old buildings and high-end retail establishments. 

Just like much of the United States, residents of Walnut Creek are affected by drug and alcohol abuse. In 2018, Contra Costa County reported 209 emergency room visits involving opioid overdose

Substance Abuse Trends in Walnut Creek & Contra Costa County, California

Although more awareness has been brought to the opioid epidemic, some individuals in Walnut Creek continue to struggle with opioid abuse. In 2017, more than 100 people from Contra Costa County died due to an opioid overdose. Of the 100 deaths, five of them were individuals from Walnut Creek. 

Covid-19 Pandemic

Now, medical professionals are concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic is part of the reason why opioid misuse in California is on the rise. The lack of treatment services due to local shutdowns has increased the isolation rate of those suffering from addiction. Isolation plays a major role in individuals who participate in addictive behaviors. 

Another substance of abuse in the Walnut Creek area is methamphetamine. According to a local news source, a map made up of data from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), found there were 833 clandestine meth labs in California, including eight located in Contra Costa County

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Types in Walnut Creek, California

Individuals struggling with substance abuse in Walnut Creek will have access to at least one addiction treatment type. However, addiction treatment is as differentiated as addiction symptoms, so not all treatment types will work for everyone. 

Drug and alcohol treatment types that address opioid or methamphetamine addictions may include: 

  • behavioral health counseling 
  • detoxification services 
  • inpatient drug rehab
  • outpatient services 
  • aftercare planning 

A combination of the above is generally the best way to approach addiction treatment. Individuals struggling with opioid addiction may be tempted to enroll in a medication-assisted treatment program. 

However, many people view this as replacing one medication with another. Individuals who do not wish to take any medicines any longer will likely want to research rehab centers that offer drug-free treatment types, like Elevate Addiction Services. 

Drug Treatment Program Therapies

There are several types of behavioral health counseling, including: 

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • motivational interviewing

These therapies help individuals learn the skills needed to reframe their thoughts and attitudes about their addictions. 

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are the two types of treatment offered at most rehab centers. The main difference between these two treatment types is that inpatient treatment requires the individual to live at the rehab center while outpatient treatment allows them to continue living at home. 

Aftercare Planning

Aftercare planning is an essential part of the recovery process. Individuals should consider what kind of aftercare a facility offers prior to enrolling in treatment. Aftercare is a life-long process, and it is essential to know that you or your loved one will continue to have support from a recovery program. 

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment near Walnut Creek, California

Elevate Addiction Services Santa Cruz location is roughly a two-hour drive from Walnut Creek. Individuals looking for holistic and evidence-based addiction treatment should consider Elevate in their treatment options. 

Our program breaks down into four stages: 

  • detox
  • physical healing
  • emotional healing
  • aftercare

With inpatient and outpatient treatment offerings, there’s something for everyone at Elevate Addiction Treatment. 

Virtual Treatment and More

A unique offering from Elevate is our virtual outpatient treatment. This outpatient treatment is known as Telehealth and allows individuals to attend addiction treatment sessions with a licensed counselor via the internet. This treatment type may be a good option for someone who cannot currently leave their home. 

Learn more about additional treatment options offered at Elevate by contacting one of our addiction specialists today.   

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