Change The Scenery, Change Your Life; Why Your Loved One Should Consider Drug Rehab That’s In A New Place

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Drug Rehab Away From Home

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Most people may not consider the location of traditional drug rehab centers. They search Google with a query like “drug rehab near me” and start from there. However, holistic drug rehab programs consider details that traditional centers may not, and there are some very important reasons why.

The most effective drug rehab programs give patients the ability to change their environment completely. This means getting away from situations and people that may be encouraging drug or alcohol abuse. Experts across disciplines agree that a positive change in environment can cause a positive change in thought patterns, which is the beginning of behavioral change. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider drug rehab centers that are in a new place.

New Environment, New You

  • Mood balancer – Something as small as the lighting in a room has been shown to positively affect mood. Both natural and artificial light can help with conditions like sleep apnea, general irritability, and depression.
  • Behavior influencer – Clean sidewalks encourage people to clean more. Dirty sidewalks will only get dirtier over time as people follow suit and throw trash on the street. In the same way, a clean environment will encourage a person to clean up his or her body. In many cases, people who abuse drugs and alcohol are placing themselves in dirty environments.
  • Encouraging personal interaction – The environment that is created around a person encourages or discourages interactions with other people. The more than people interact, the higher chance there is for social support between people. This is one of the biggest advantages of holistic drug rehab centers.
  • Stress reduction – Many holistic drug rehab programs focus on reducing personal anxiety in individuals. This helps to balance emotional, mental and physical centers that are consistently interacting. Confusing, noisy treatment rooms can quickly cause an unstable patient to experience things like a higher heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

Old Environment, Old You

There are quite a few ways in which a familiar environment can add to a drug or alcohol abuse problem. Here are some of the most important characteristics:

  • Family interactions – The home is the center of the family. The family may actually be facilitating addictive behavior directly or indirectly. Problems within the family are often the cause for an individual to use drugs. For instance, if parents do not teach children to develop problem-solving strategies to cope with stress, those children may turn to alcoholism.
  • Social circles – A person’s friend groups usually come from the surrounding environment. If that group is used to congregating around drugs or alcohol, it can be very difficult for an individual to fight that pressure. The sense of belonging is a powerful connector. Moving rehab into a different environment changes the bonding agents that connect people, moving individuals away from addictive behavior.
  • Social media – The comforts of home may cause people to intake more social media and media in general. Psychologists have shown that people who are struggling with mental or emotional problems may get worse after viewing social media for extended periods of time. This is also true of media in general.
  • Culture – Home is also a center of culture. Cultural norms that start in the home can be infused into the behavior of a person as a child. Getting out of this environment and into a holistic drug rehabilitation center is essential to healing some drug and alcohol addictions.

But What About Drug Treatment At Home?

Many holistic drug rehab centers offer outpatient treatment that can be done at home. This may or may not be a good idea depending on the characteristics of the individual patient. There are certain advantages and disadvantages that everyone should take into account.

  • Is the home an environment conducive to healing? In many cases, home life is what is causing drug or alcohol abuse. One of the major advantages of a holistic drug rehabilitation center is the fact that it gets the patient away from home.
  • Does the home have proper medical supervision for the patient? Patients are usually more responsive to outpatient plans after they have been diagnosed and treated in-house. Patients with extenuating circumstances or multiple conditions due to drug or alcohol abuse should conduct at least the first part of their programs in an inpatient capacity.
  • Who knows the patient is at home? If a drug rehabilitation center is in another environment, it potentially helps a patient to get away from the negative personal influences that may be around the home. This may include family members and friends who congregate around familiar areas and abuse drugs and alcohol.

Contrary to popular belief, finding a drug rehab near you may not be the best option for everyone. Consider drug rehab in a new environment if the above symptoms apply.

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