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Elevate Addiction Services (“EAS”)  has as its highest priority the health and safety of its clients. EAS is closely monitoring COVID 19 (coronavirus) developments and is taking precautions to keep both clients and staff safe and informed.

EAS has taken these steps to ensure the continued overall health and safety of its clients and staff:

  • We assembled a response team to coordinate and implement certain measures in order to mitigate the potential transmission of the virus to EAS clients or staff and to ensure guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state, and local government agencies are followed.
  • We are emphasizing hand washing protocols as a primary method to stop the spread of any infection. We also increased our current infection control protocol and sanitization process around the facility.
  • We are creating social distancing for clients and staff, and ensuring that they are at a safe distance from each other to decrease the risk of infection spreading.
  • We are assessing clients appropriately and monitoring existing and new health conditions quickly and thoroughly. We implemented more thorough prescreening for any potential admissions, and are screening again upon enrollment.
  • We have canceled off-site trips into the community by our clients, restricted visitors and discontinued all nonessential appointments or transports into the community.
  • We have procedures in place regarding the proper response for emerging symptoms and isolation, should it become necessary.

EAS is also making accommodations for video calls with family, and delivering family sessions over the phone. EAS is replacing community trips with activities onsite at its facilities to keep clients engaged and calm and to limit the disruption.

As always, EAS is committed to providing the highest level of substance use disorder treatment and programming and are committed to our role as treatment providers in our communities. Communication is critical, especially as information regarding the virus evolves and we will keep you informed of our actions to remain vigilant against the spread of this virus.


Dan Manson


Elevate Addiction Services

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