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Elevate Addiction Services is an organization unlike any other! The Elevate program is a modern, scientific, copyrighted method that gets excellent results compared to other models.

  • Treatment delivered in beautiful treatment locations.
  • Clients are never labeled or told they are powerless to a disease, but that they are POWERFUL and can overcome addiction!
  • Daily exercise routines, mindfulness practices and educational sessions work to improve body, mind and spirit consistently.
  • Group and Individual Therapy done in a positive way to build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Licensed, Joint Commission Accredited and LegitScript Certified!
  • In-Network Insurance provider… We are Insurance Friendly!

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Escape the Revolving Door of Addiction:

Here are what the three phases of inpatient drug treatment at Elevate consist of:

Phase 1: Physical and Mental Healing

California Mountain ViewThe first phase of inpatient treatment at Elevate has a heavy focus on regenerating the body and the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction. Substance abuse often leaves the user physically weak, and either underweight or overweight. It also creates chemical imbalances in the body that are hard to overcome. So during this first phase of treatment, it’s time to start changing all of that and recognizing why it is important to aim for balance.

Phase 2: Building Life Skills and Learning Tools

Peaceful Aftercare in Santa Cruz, CA
Skills such as radical acceptance of life’s situations help an individual to recognize life as it is, without become upset about it.  By learning to assess life, applying tools such as analysis and positive communication, clients can practice dealing with difficulties in ways that lead to a much better result.

Phase 3: Addressing and Overcoming Core Negative Issues

Inpatient Drug Rehab Holistic TherapyPhase 3 of treatment at Elevate predominantly consists of treatment aimed at getting to the root causes of addiction, overcoming urges to relapse, and discover what is missing in life that drugs are used to try to fill.  Although clients continue working out and other physical activities during this time, this is when we ramp up not only holistic therapy but cutting-edge clinical treatment.

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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Success Stories

Completing the Elevate program is the biggest accomplishment this far. Before I came here I couldn’t manage my day-to-day life. This program taught me how to take responsibility for my actions and face the consequences. I was able to mend my relationship with my family through open and honest communication. Today, I have the confidence I need to live a happy, healthy life again!

— Allyson L.

I will forever be grateful for everything Elevate has done for me. I am looking forward to starting my new life. I have learned to love and care for me in a way I thought was never possible. I now can feel my strength and confidence radiate.

— Alyssa H.

I’m proud of who I am today and I am grateful for the opportunity to come to Elevate because it helped me regain control over my life. I have found my true self again and I love who I’ve become.

— Ashley W.

This program has really helped me become a better person. My attitude is more positive towards everything and everyone. I’ve gained confidence and I’m stronger mentally and physically. I’ve learned how to deal with my emotions in a healthy and productive way.

— Breanna L.

The Elevate program has changed my life! I’ve regained my self-confidence and I am truly happy. Thank you Elevate!

— Brenden D.

Before I came to Elevate, I had no hope for my future and had given up on my life. I did not contribute to my family, community, or the people around me. I had lost all sense of purpose. Making the choice to come to this program was the decision to live again. I now know what my future goals are and how to achieve them. I am a present member of my family and I look forward to each new day. This is the happiest I have been in a very long time and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity.

— Casey W.

Being at Elevate was an incredible journey. I will forever take all the tools and confidence I’ve gained to live my life sober and happy. The friendships I’ve gained have impacted my life for the positive and I will take the positivity and growth and project it to those in my life and better support those around me.

— Cedric P.

Before entering the Elevate program I was completely lost and depressed. I was traveling a very dark road and playing a very dangerous game with my life. I know that I needed to seek help and I am so glad that I found Elevate when I did. Today I am happier than I have been in a very long time. Finally, I’ve found myself and I now have a new lease on life. I am very excited about my future and I can’t thank the Elevate counselors enough for all that they have done for me.

— Chance L.

My biggest accomplishment throughout the entire Elevate program was finding who I really was and losing the person everyone told me I was. Thank you to all the staff and clients here at Elevate Addiction Services.

— Charles R.

Before I started Elevate I was lost. I had given up on bettering myself and had abandoned the thought of having healthy relationships. I had distanced myself from my family and alienated all my friends. I thought the only was it was going to end was death or prison. I became tired of my lifestyle and with a little bit of motivation I got on a plane thinking I just needed a change of pace for a little while. However, once the program started I quickly became comfortable with the idea of being happy, both with myself and my life as a whole.

— Charlie D.

I was able to build a lot of trust while I was here with my wife, my parents & my brothers. I am now excited & confident in my relationships with them for when I go home. I found what I was looking for and I found it at Elevate.

— Conley P.

The Elevate program was a blessing. It gave me a second chance at life and turned me into a more positive person. I’m ready to make goals for my future and accomplish with the help of all the great tools Elevate has taught me. Thank you Elevate.

— Daniel B.

Fear is an emotion that I thrived on for as long as I can remember, until I came to Elevate. I gained the knowledge that allowed me to handle that which caused me fear. Now I am looking forward to facing life’s challenges instead of running away from them.

— David N.

I have accomplished so much in completing the Elevate program! I have seen myself change during the last few months more than I could have ever imaged; both mentally and physically. With my newly found strength and confidence, I’m excited to apply everything that I have learned when I get back home.

— Drake G.

I feel like a weight has been removed by taking full responsibility. This program has taught me to stop and think and consider if my decisions and behavior will harm myself or others in my life. I’ve learned to stay positive eliminate negative thinking from my life. I’ve set boundaries with the people in my life that could impact my sobriety. Elevate has provided me with every tool and technique I will need to overcome addiction and square up with life.

— Dustin V.

I came to the program depressed, lost, and defeated. Throughout my program I gained a tremendous amount of confidence and tools I can use in my future. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I’m super excited to apply everything I’ve learned at Elevate towards bettering myself.

— Dylan H.

Coming into the Elevate program I realized it was an opportunity to regain control of my life and take the power away from my addiction and from my reckless and destructive lifestyle. I found the program to be eloquently structured, creating a strong foundation, to restore balance in my life, instill self-confidence, positive thinking and motivation to succeed. What has impressed me the most about Elevate is the community, clients and staff alike, which supported me, motivated me, and inspired me to commit myself to excellence and commit to realizing my fullest potential. For the first time in 26 years I want clarity, I want balance, I want sobriety, and I want to show my daughters how to live life beautifully.

— Greg F.

When I came to the Elevate Program I was apprehensive and depressed. I had a negative outlook on life and my future. I’ve learned how to stay positive and I’ve regained my drive toward being successful. I have become a better son, brother and father and I am more confident in myself and my abilities today than I have ever been in the past.

— Henry S.

Elevate has helped me face my fears, emotions, and thoughts. With the constant help from the staff and other clients I was able to discover the events and choices that lead me down the path to my self-destruction. I now long to see the world I was once afraid of. My family and I have never been closer and I like who I see in the mirror. I was given an opportunity few people in life get, a second chance. This time I won’t fall, for I have learned to never stop growing and improving myself. I am in control of my life and I have every intention of leaving behind a legacy worth remembering.

— Jonas V.

Prior to coming to the elevate rehabilitation program, I had lost my will to learn, love and live. I woke up every day determined to drink or drug myself into a slow death. I hurt the ones I loved every minute of every single day. With the tools and support I gained from the elevate program. I came to realize that my life is worth the fight; for me and for my loved ones. I am sober, healthy, happy, and safe – all thanks to this amazing program. Thank you for giving me my life back!

— Karrie R.

Before coming to Elevate I was a zombie walking through life with no soul, no hope. I did not have self-respect or love. I was killing myself. Slowly, after 113 days, I’m going home with so much strength and self-control. So much hope for my life. I know that with practice I can achieve everything I put my mind to. I owe all of this to Elevate. This is a little piece of heaven. I know that god put me here for a reason; I have another chance at life. I will not waste it. I’m so thankful for everything I have and all the beautiful friendships I’ve made here.

— Maria R.

I entered the Elevate Program a broken man, yet I stayed open-minded. Through a prolific, educational, and life-altering experience I’ve become confident in myself and the personal changes I have made.

— Mark R.

Today I completed the Elevate program. I am super stoked to get back out there with a new attitude toward life. I now have direction, purpose, and goals. My family is proud of me and they are starting to trust me a lot more. I also have a wonderful relationship with my partner again. We did this program together and now we have great communication between us, we trust each other again, and we are both very happy. Thanks to Elevate, I was able to create a new well balanced, peaceful way to live my life and I couldn’t be happier!

— Matt H.

When I came to Elevate I had lost my way. I was miserable, in dark pain and didn’t like myself at all. I had lost my morals, ethics and values to my addiction. I was knocking on deaths door. I had given up hope.
But when I woke up in the cabin and the staff began to love me back to life, my hope was restored. I decided that this was the fight of my life… Literally for my life. If I’m going out I’m going out swinging. My addiction gave me its best shot, but with the help, hope, support, tough love of the clients and staff at EAS I punched back and knocked it out. Now it’s my time to shine again!

— Michael L.

The Elevate program was awesome. I gained my happiness, confidence and independence back. My relationship with my friends and family have improved drastically and I cant thank Elevate staff enough for all of their help.

— Michelle F.

I have changed my life by coming to Elevate with open arms and an open mind. The program here has taught me to be fully present and always be aware of my surroundings. Elevate has inspired me to become the man, son and brother I have always dreamed of being. I am so grateful for coming here and turning over a new leaf. All of the tools I have learned here will be a major component of the rest of my life. I am now excited for the future instead of scared of it. Thank you Elevate for loving me back to life.

— Nathan K.

I was very pleased with the program! It gave me the tools I needed to continue my life in a productive manner.

— Nick D.

The Elevate program has been an amazing gift. Before coming here, I was getting too close to death. I had no motivation or accountability for anything in life and I didn’t even care anymore. Since coming to Elevate, I have found myself again. I feel so good now mentally, physically and emotionally. My mood is stable. I am happy and excited about life. I definitely have motivation again. I have rebuilt relationships with my husband and my family. I am healthy again. I have my strength back in every way and I am ready to conquer the world.

— Nicole N.

Prior to arriving at Elevate, I was broken, fearful and hopeless. Working through this treatment program allowed me to grow immensely. I am now more confident, determined and my hope is restored. I have the tools to help me stay sober and manage my time productively. I am very excited to continue being sober, happy and successful; and I look forward to rebuilding trust with my family. Elevate is where I finally found my true self.

— Parker M.

Elevate has slowly but surely given me back the gift of hope in my life. You earn each accomplishment in this program – and I have felt a sense of accomplishment that was lacking in my life before coming here. The program taught me that I am empowered over my addictive past and that I am able to handle life without drugs and alcohol. Not only am I going to be able to “handle” life; I am going to be happy in life. The staff, client community and beautiful facility have nursed me back to life in ways I did not think were possible. I feel so blessed to have come here and I leave with real confidence about my future.

— Paul D.

The Elevate program has taken me from a 20 year old lost boy and turned me into a 21 year old man. I’ve learned how to take responsibility for my actions and emotions. I realized why my addiction started and how I can stay away from it. I’m done fighting with that demon. I will take the high road of responsibility and end this fight. Thank you Elevate for staying behind me in this fight and showing me I’m the only one who can change my future. I’m finally happy again! I finally have hope for the first time in over 10 years.

— Randy S.

The Elevate Program helped me realize what is truly important to me. I now have the knowledge and the tools I need to achieve success in life and to help me take care of my family.

— Ryan S.

Before coming to Elevate I was hollow and broken. I was living in a dark place and had surrendered to my addiction. The past 3 months have been a miracle. Elevate and the staff has helped me discover the person I was meant to be. I am filled with gratitude and am confident I now have the tools to live a happy , healthy, drug free life. I have gained back my mind, body and spirit and feel powerful beyond measure.

— Sara B.

Once I started working on my program and giving it my all I realized how much more caring, positive and happier I have become. I get up every day excited about what id in store for me.

— Shane H.

This was by far the best place I’ve ever been to. Elevate covered all the bases; not only did they help me physically and safely through withdrawal from pills and alcohol but they also built me back up to face the world mentally and to face my addictions. They showed me how I can and will live a drug and alcohol free life once again. This has saved my life.

— Sharon W.

The Elevate Program is amazing. I am happy again and I am excited to live my life sober and healthy.

— Sydney D.

Before coming to Elevate I was lost, scared and I thought that I was broken beyond repair. I had accepted that life was never going to get better.
Elevate truly loved me back to life. I love who I am now, I’m confident, and most importantly, I’m 100% okay and happy with myself. This program is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. The inner peace that I gained here was the “high” I was searching for but could never find before. This incredible program gave me the drive I needed to truly face myself and make a change. All the hard work has definitely paid off and I am ready and excited to thrive in life. Words cannot express my gratitude for the Elevate program.

— Alana A.

This program has really helped me grow. I’ve become more logical in the way I handle situations by weighing the pros and cons of my actions. Recognizing my triggers to use helped me realize that I have a choice and I feel very confident in myself and my sobriety.

— Blake A.

Elevate has saved my life. I actually look forward to going to sleep at night and waking up to a bright new day. I’ve gained my personality and happiness back. I can now see a very tangible and successful future for myself. I have gained self-confidence and self-worth. I am able to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a proper manner. I now look at almost everything objectively and without judgement. I appreciate life again and what it has to offer. I cannot express enough how much I have grown emotionally, spiritually and physically since I have arrived. This place is truly one of a kind.

— Morgan R.