Section 1: Opening Paragraph

Opening paragraphs that include localized keywords for drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and detox services. Discussion of the city and some basic facts about addiction issues in the city.

We will be using LSI keywords while creating the content to better optimize ourselves for voice search algorithms. LSI keywords are keywords which are semantically similar to our primary keywords.

For example, “drug rehab center” could be a primary word and LSI keywords could be: treatment for substance abuse, drug addiction treatment, symptoms of drug addiction, drug addiction treatment centers, substance abuse treatment centers, etc.

We will be using LSI techniques throughout the pages, not just this opening section, but mentioning it here to apply to the remainder of the strategy.

Ready to start your road to recovery? We’re here for you.

Section 2: Closest Elevate facility

  • Evidence-based treatment, non-12 step treatment using SMART Recovery
  • We provide ongoing support through all stages of the recovery process
  • We help you discover who you are outside of your addiction
  • Design an individualized plan to help you break the cycle of drug addiction
  • Support your transition from treatment back to “real life”
  • Treat the whole person, not just the symptoms
  • Fitness (featuring CrossFit) and nutrition programs to heal physically
  • Experiential therapies and meditation to grow personally

Section 3: Video Section

Video section showing video for the closest Elevate facility (for Northern CA cities only). After all the Google algorithm updates, ranking a website in the long term is not just about building a large number of links. It is about creating high-quality content that engages the user and will also naturally attract natural links over time. Video can be an extremely powerful form of content strategy and make a big contribution to the overall SEO strategy.

Ready to start your road to recovery? We’re here for you.

Section 4: Available Treatment Options

  • inpatient
  • outpatient
  • detox

Santa Cruz Attractions to Note While Visiting

While our clients are here to focus on themselves and their treatment, oftentimes families will come to the area to visit and are interested in the local area.  Here is a little bit about what our surrounding community has to offer:

Shopping, Dining and Entertainment · Beach Outings and Golf · Wildlife Watching
Hiking and Mountain Biking in the Redwoods · Museums and Monterey Bay Aquarium

Section 5: Program Lengths

A section to catch as many keywords as possible, so we will be potentially discussing options not available and sales can convert them.

Section 6: Niche Keywords

A section mentioning niche keywords such as holistic, dual diagnosis, executive, etc.

Section 7: Financing

A section discussing financing and specific insurance companies to catch more keywords. We could potentially build out pages for each major insurance company as well.

Ready to start your road to recovery? We’re here for you.

Section 8: Addiction Treatment Types

Sections discussing the most frequent types of addiction treatment available (opioids, prescriptions, meth, heroin, cocaine, etc.)

Section 9:  Addiction Symptoms

A section discussing symptoms of addiction to the drugs mentioned previously.

Section 10:  Key Team Members

A section that lists key team members and their bios that serve the specific area. We do not need to worry about duplicate content issues with bios as Google is smart enough to be able to detect them, so the team member can be on multiple pages.

Ready to start your road to recovery? We’re here for you.

Section 11:  Surrounding Cities

List other surrounding cities (and link to them if the page has already been created).
Headling: To find Drug Rehab facilities in your area, please select a city:

Section 12:  All local zip codes