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An Elevated Experience in Addiction Treatment

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San Jose Drug Rehab

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Our Exclusive Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers

Every addict deserves the chance to take back control of their life from substances and build a better future. At Elevate Addiction Services, we empower clients to heal not only from the physical effects of drug or alcohol abuse, but from the mental and emotional pain that led them down that path in the first place.

At our mountainside retreat, clients work toward rehabilitation at their own pace, in an environment that both supports and challenges them to create positive life changes. We offer:

  • 20 years of experience providing exceptional drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Long term residential inpatient program
  • Continuing Care through outpatient and tele-health services
  • Non-12-step, holistic treatment program
  • Emphasis on physical fitness and complete well-being
  • Flexible program to match each client’s preferences and progress

Our Facilities

Located on 28 acres amid the Santa Cruz Mountains, near Monterey Bay and just south of San Francisco and San Jose, Elevate’s ranch-style property offers a tranquil setting, amazing views and convenient access to the cities and beaches of northern California. LEARN MORE

Non 12 Step Smart Recovery

We take a non-12-step holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment providing education and on-going support to clients both mentally and emotionally by following the 6 steps of SMART Recovery®. LEARN MORE

Holistic Approach

Addiction recovery is most successful when the goal is healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. To do this, we utilize both holistic and evidence-based treatment methods. We begin by detoxing from all substances, then addressing the underlying causes of addiction. LEARN MORE

Exercise in Recovery

Physical activity helps strengthen the body, sharpen the mind, release emotions – and have fun! We offer a wide variety of exercise options from CrossFit® to yoga to sports, with each client encouraged to take part according to their abilities. LEARN MORE

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Elevate Rehab offers 100% confidential substance abuse assessment and treatment placement tailored to your individual needs. Achieve long-term recovery.

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