Exercise And Recovery

January 21, 2021
Exercise Recovery Programs

Holistic treatment takes the whole person into consideration, as opposed to simply addressing the symptoms of the illness – or, in our case, the addiction. When we talk about “whole person,” we mean their physical, emotional, spiritual and even nutritional needs.

Holistic Addiction Recovery Services at Elevate

The goal of holistic treatment is to eventually inspire the patient to take responsibility for his or her well-being in order to achieve optimal health. To accomplish this, a variety of conventional and alternative therapies should be used – whichever are eliciting the best results for the client.

CrossFit® for Addiction Recovery

At Elevate, our staff subscribes to CrossFit, a newer fitness regimen that is sweeping the nation. This form of exercise is designed to help you get the most out of your body in a short amount of time. CrossFit combines all the best aspects of:

  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Rowing
  • And more

Camaraderie is also important in CrossFit, and it’s a trait we try to foster inside and outside the weight room at our Northern California facilities. Whether you were doing CrossFit prior to coming to Elevate, you can start the program fresh or pick right up where you left off when you enter our inpatient rehab program.

Recreational Sports

As we mentioned earlier, both of our facilities feature an outdoor volleyball court.  Staff and clients alike play together and enjoy games in a teambuilding fashion.

Games and tournaments are constantly taking place at both campuses – sometimes organized, and sometimes free-for-all. Most of our staff dress casually, so they can easily jump into a game of volleyball or shoot hoops with clients, and you can all burn some calories and have some fun together.

Running and Hiking

Since our rehab campuses have more than enough open space to stretch your legs, staff and clients are constantly going on runs in and beyond the property. Whether you want to go on a morning run by yourself or alongside colleagues or staff members, you’ll have a chance to do all three at Elevate.

Additionally, since our main facility flanks the Santa Cruz Mountains, we can go on hikes of varying distances and difficulties. Make sure you pack some good hiking shoes or cross-trainers before descending on one of our treatment facilities for the inpatient program.

Other Outdoor Activities

Our Santa Cruz-area facility features an outdoor pool, so you’ll have opportunities to go swimming most of the year. We also lead clients at this facility down to Monterey Bay for some adventure therapy, while clients in South Lake Tahoe get to take frequent excursions to the town’s famous lake.

Other physical fitness opportunities at Elevate include yoga, one of our many holistic offerings, which we offer both indoors or outdoors. We also give clients nearly round-the-clock access to stationary bikes, which they can use inside or outside.

At Elevate, we’re all about trying to realistically get in shape and be a little bit better than we were yesterday. We aim to impart this same take-charge attitude and health-consciousness to every person who comes to us for help with breaking their addiction.

An Elevated Approach With Exercise and Addiction Recovery

In order to effectively recover from drug or alcohol addiction, mental and physical health need to be restored.

Although we sometimes need help to get motivated, everyone feels better when they are in a routine of regular exercise. So to fully address the physical health needs of our clients, Elevate Addiction Services tirelessly offers comprehensive physical fitness opportunities.

Our main facility near Santa Cruz, California is located on 28 acres of mountainside property. Both this facility and our South Lake Tahoe location are summer camp-styled campuses.

Both properties feature an outdoor volleyball court as well as an indoor gym for working out, in addition to other amenities that encourage exercise.

Our staff is committed to physical fitness and overall health. They’re eager to share with you some of the tips they have learned in exercising and working out.

At Elevate, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to restore your physical health and get in shape – at your own pace.

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