Helping A Loved One With Addiction Requires Personalized Rehab

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Drug and alcohol addiction changes behaviors, erodes trust and destroys family relationships. It’s especially frustrating when you’re doing everything in your power to help, but it still doesn’t seem to help.

Now is the time to reach out for expert assistance in getting your loved one the treatment he or she needs, before things get worse. You don’t have to struggle alone with this anymore!

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Helping A Loved One With Addiction Get Into Rehab Often Leads To These Common Questions

How can I get through to my addicted loved one?

It’s common for an addicted person to be in denial about their addiction and the impact it’s having. Conversations on this topic can quickly spiral into an argument filled with accusations and defensiveness. It’s important to be a calm voice of reason, speaking without blame or shame when you have this discussion, but that can be difficult when you’re so emotionally involved.

Our free guide on How to Get a Loved One into Rehab goes into detail on how you can host a successful intervention yourself or with the help of a professional.

What do I need to do before staging an intervention?

There are several things you can do to help your intervention be successful, but the one that most people don’t think about is choosing a treatment center ahead of time. This is important because once your loved one says “yes” to treatment, you want to get them there as soon as possible before they can change their mind.

Planning a drug intervention isn’t always easy to do alone. We can help bridge the gap between addiction and rehab. Learn more about our intervention services here.

What if my loved one says “no” to treatment?

Don’t give up if your first attempt at intervention isn’t successful. Sometimes it takes multiple tries and different approaches to convince a person that their situation warrants going to rehab.

If you’ve tried interventions on your own that haven’t worked, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional interventionist. Our counselors can help you find professionals in your area that provide this service.

What is holistic addiction treatment?

While most substance abuse treatment programs focus either on the medical aspect of addiction or the behavioral aspects, a holistic approach addresses all aspects of addiction, including:

  • Physical healing
  • Psychological healing
  • Emotional and spiritual healing

A truly holistic addiction treatment program seeks to heal the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. It addresses the root cause of addiction, empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own choices, and gives them the skills and support to create a sober life that they look forward to living.

Does insurance cover the cost of rehab?

Most major insurance carriers cover addiction treatment, but coverage depends on your specific insurance plan. Click here to verify your insurance coverage and learn more about financing options.

A Guide To Help Your Loved One Receive The Right Treatment for Their Addiction

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Holistic Addiction Treatment Saves Lives

Before coming to Elevate, Rachel was estranged from her family and her sober friends due to her alcohol addiction. Hear her firsthand account of her experience at Elevate and how it helped her to take responsibility for her life, believe in her own abilities, and rekindle family relationships.