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Addiction traps people in a lie: the lie that things can’t get better, that the substance is the only route to relief, that quitting would be too painful to bear.

You don’t have to live that lie anymore. We’ve helped thousands of people like you set themselves free from addiction. We begin with a holistic, medically supervised detox process that removes substances that are clouding your thoughts and twisting your emotions.

With a new, clear perspective, we support you in designing the life you actually want to live instead of the one you ended up with. We guide you in creating healthy habits of eating, exercise and life choices that support you in your new goals.

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Common Questions About Our Holistic Substance Abuse Detox and Rehab Center

Do I need rehab? How long is it?

Professional rehabilitation at Elevate is strongly recommended for anyone who:

  1. Is addicted to a substance that can be dangerous to detox from without medical assistance (alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids/opiates, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine)
  2. Has tried to quit a drug or alcohol habit but was unable to do so
  3. Has attended rehab(s) in the past and ended up relapsing

While most rehabs offer 30-day programs, just enough to detox and get sober, at Elevate we have found that a 90-day program is the most effective in helping clients rebuild their lives so that they can stay sober and enjoy life without substances for years.

Our program is self-paced, which means that you move to the next stage in the process when you are ready, not at an arbitrary, predetermined date.

How long does substance abuse detox take? Is it safe? Is it painful?

The detoxification process can take anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on the substance and the individual. Our medical staff is on hand around the clock to ensure your safety and comfort. With professional medical care, the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms can be greatly alleviated.

Our goal is to use medication as minimally as possible and help you get off of all mind-altering and mood-altering substances, so that you have a clear head for the next stage of the recovery process. However, if there is a medical need for certain medication, we make sure you are provided with what you need to protect your health. We also use massage and aromatherapy to help ease the detox process.

How can I afford substance abuse detox and rehab?

Most insurance plans will cover all or a portion of addiction treatment. For individuals without insurance, or where insurance only covers part of the cost, there are private pay options as well.

Treatment can be paid for from an HSA account, on a credit card, or with cash (including check and debit). If you need a loan to finance out-of-pocket costs, we can refer you to lending partners that provide quick funding and flexible terms.

When you contact us, ask our counselors about the options that are available for your particular situation. You can also click here to go directly to our insurance verification form.

How does the non-12-step substance abuse treatment approach work?

Many of our clients are people who’ve tried the traditional 12-step program at other rehabs and found that it didn’t work for them. We use SMART Recovery®, a program that provides the same level of guidance, support and camaraderie as 12-step programs, but without a religious component. We take a very open approach to spirituality that supports people of a wide variety of backgrounds and belief systems.

This more secular approach focuses on empowering the individual to overcome addiction through personal growth, building healthy habits and looking within to find powerful motivation for long-term sobriety.

What is holistic detox and rehab?

Truly holistic addiction treatment is focused on healing the whole person, so it integrates methods that help aid in physical, psychological and emotional healing. At Elevate, we use a variety of techniques in all three areas that have proven effective in overcoming addiction, including:

  • Physical healing
    • Medically supervised detox with minimal medications
    • Nutritional support and education
    • Exercise programs
    • Alternative healing techniques such as massage therapy and aromatherapy
  • Psychological healing
    • One-on-one counseling
    • Group therapy and support groups
    • Education on personal empowerment and decision making
    • Help with goal setting and planning for life after treatment
  • Emotional and spiritual healing
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Art therapy
    • Music therapy
    • Adventure therapy

The ultimate goal is to help you overcome the underlying cause of your addiction and help establish healthy habits that will endure long after leaving our substance abuse rehab center.

Our holistic substance abuse detox center in California has helped many individuals overcome their addictions. Learn more about our holistic approach here.

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