Will My Aetna Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Aetna offers a handful of insurance plans that provide different levels of coverage toward drug and alcohol rehab. Depending on the plan you have, your addiction treatment may be covered. 

Elevate Addiction Services accepts Aetna insurance. Individuals with this insurance may be eligible for treatment benefits for both our rehab centers in Northern California. 

Most of the health insurance from Aetna includes services for behavioral health programs including substance abuse treatment. To determine your exact coverage, including coinsurance, copays, and deductibles, you will need to contact your insurance provider. 

Individual plans from Aetna may cover the following substance abuse services: 

  • detoxification 
  • inpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient programs 
  • partial hospitalization 
  • continuing care programs

Does the Rehab Center Need to be In-Network?

Not necessarily. Although many insurance plans tend to cover more of the treatment costs at an in-network facility, out-of-network coverage can still be applied to addiction treatment costs. 

When someone goes out-of-network for treatment, Aetna determines the cost of treatment. Individuals are responsible for the difference between the billed amount and the calculated treatment costs. 

The only exception to this rule is when someone requires emergency care. Individuals will need to prove that it was an emergency, but in most cases, Aetna will cover out-of-network emergency charges as in-network. 

To determine the exact amount an out-of-network facility will cost you, it is best to directly reach out to the facility and verify your policy benefits. 

Will Aetna Cover An Inpatient Program?

Your location and Aetna policy coverage will determine the costs of enrolling in an inpatient program. Some plans from Aetna offer a zero percent coinsurance once your deductible is paid in full. In contrast, other Aetna plans may require a higher coinsurance payment or copay for inpatient treatment services. 

Inpatient treatment is designed around individuals living at the rehab center while attending treatment. These programs typically last 28 or 30 days and are generally covered by most health insurance plans from Aetna. 

Will Aetna Cover An Outpatient Program?

Outpatient programs allow individuals to live at home and continue working while they attend treatment. People can visit therapists and doctors. Aetna includes outpatient care benefits in most of their plans. Try logging into their web portal to check your exact plan parameters.  

Other Ways to Pay For Addiction Treatment

Although insurance is the most dependable way to cover the cost of addiction treatment, it is not the only option. In many cases, you will need to pay for some of your addiction treatment costs. 

Most often, individuals will have to pay their deductible out-of-pocket. If you have a large deductible, you may be able to finance that amount with a small personal loan through a rehab facility. 

Things To Think About When Choosing a Rehab Center

To provide relevant addiction treatment, Aetna offers the following factors to consider while looking to enroll in substance abuse treatment: 

  • If you decide to enroll in a residential program, you may consider attending an outpatient program afterward to assume regular responsibilities gradually.
  • Treatment programs should do all they can to ensure individuals do not use drugs while in treatment with regular drug testing. 
  • Family members should be included in the treatment process to strengthen their skills and understanding for helping their loved one with an addiction. 
  • An effective treatment program should provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment, especially for individuals showing symptoms of mental health disorders like major depression, rapid mood fluctuations, high anxiety, and a family history of mental illness. 

Verify Your Insurance and Find the Right Substance Abuse For You

You can verify your insurance on our website or by calling our admissions team. To confirm your benefits, you will need access to the following: 

  • the company name of your insurance provider 
  • your member ID number 
  • your date of birth 
  • your insurance provider’s telephone number (usually found on the back of your insurance card) 

Verifying your insurance on our site is 100 percent confidential and obligation-free. Once you have submitted your information one of our admission counselors will reach out to you about your specific insurance coverage details. 

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