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Santa Cruz, South Lake Tahoe, and Placerville

Elevate Addiction Services: Dual Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities in California

Elevate Addiction Services boasts not one, but two, well-equipped rehabilitation facilities in California that support our renowned inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs. One facility can support up to 50 inpatient clients at a time, along with nearly 30 others who are in our transitional housing program. The other facility is a more intimate setting for those who could use a little more privacy and smaller group sessions.

Both Elevate inpatient facilities allow clients to take advantage of the great outdoors. Both have outdoor volleyball courts and access to several walking and hiking trails, and each is near a major body of water such as Monterey Bay and Lake Tahoe. With these opportunities within proximity, it’s no surprise that experiential therapy is one of the featured offerings among our holistic recovery services.

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Santa Cruz

Our original drug and alcohol treatment facility is nestled near the Santa Cruz Mountains, just east of the seaside town of Santa Cruz. This location is a ranch-style property sitting on 28 acres of forested mountainside terrain. With plenty of space to stretch your legs, this well-equipped and fully staffed facility is the perfect home away from home for clients in our three-month inpatient program.

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South Lake Tahoe

Highly recognized town of South Lake Tahoe. This cabin-laden property is close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the renowned lake from which the town got its name. The format of our program here allows for a better chance to get to know each colleague, in addition to receiving more attention from therapists and other staff members.

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In addition to our Santa Cruz-area rehab facility and South Lake Tahoe rehab facility, Elevate Addiction Services features the same high-quality drug and alcohol detox services offered at our Santa Cruz rehab center in a stand-alone detox facility in Placerville. Perfectly located in the Sierra Nevada foothills the Placerville facility is easy to access while still having all the benefits and serenity and beauty of the surrounding forests and wildlife.

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