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Our stand-alone detox facility in the Sierra Nevada foothills is easy to access while still having all the serenity and beauty of the surrounding forests and wildlife.


Placerville (Sacramento Area) Drug & Alcohol Recovery Center


NOTE: Due to COVID-19 safety regulations and renovations, the Placerville detox facility is temporarily closed.

In addition to our Santa Cruz-area rehab facility and South Lake Tahoe rehab facility, Elevate Addiction Services features the same high-quality drug and alcohol detox services offered at our Santa Cruz rehab center in a stand-alone detox facility in Placerville.

Elevate Placerville Center 900

Our Placerville treatment center is newly renovated to give you or your loved one the most comfortable experience through the difficult process of drug or alcohol detox. Many of our clients report that their experience as being much easier and more comfortable than expected.

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Elevate Placerville Location
Elevate Placerville Detox Lounge
Elevate Placerville Detox
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What to expect

At our Placerville Recovery Center

We believe strongly that a smaller, home-like environment is ideal for detoxification. Too many people or activities can be overwhelming, especially if someone isn’t feeling great physically. Our Placerville location was designed so that all amenities would be easily accessible for people under the same roof, and to provide a quiet and comfortable place to get through detox before transitioning to another level of care. The smell of good food, mountain air and pine trees is daily occurrence at this location.

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