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Serving the entirety of California, Elevate’s evidence-based drug treatment programs and alcohol rehabilitation centers in San Francisco approach rehab with a focus on treating the whole person and not just the symptoms of addiction – this means fitness, nutrition, and emotional therapy in addition to detox.

Just 75 miles south of San Francisco, our Santa Cruz facility boosts 50 inpatient beds and 24 transitional housing spaces for clients. People who prefer a more intimate setting may be more comfortable with our drug treatment programs in Lake Tahoe, where our campus is smaller, and there is greater opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with counselors and peers.

Why Elevate Addiction Services

  • Treatment at all levels of care. Including detox beginning all programs, residential / inpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs and more. We tailor each program to the individual.
  • A non-12-step program unlike any other. We combine physical fitness and nutritional training with a wide range of talk and experiential therapies to help our graduates do more than just get sober, but to improve themselves mind, body and soul.
  • Each program is geared toward a 100% drug free recovery – we don’t replace one addiction with another.
  • We take most major insurances and offer flexible payment options for co-pays or for private pay admissions.
  • We have locations convenient to California and Nevada, with inpatient and outpatient options at Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Placerville, and Aptos. We’re also happy to help make travel arrangements.
  • All Elevate programs guarantee a 6-month continuing care program to help ease the transition to a sober lifestyle and keep in communication with our graduates.
  • Our facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission, and we are members of NAADAC, NAATP, BHAP, CCAPP, and ASAM – ensuring that we meet the highest possible standards of quality and care.
  • A positive, experienced and compassionate staff who go above and beyond the standards of the treatment injury. We make every effort to connect personally with each client – assisting personal growth as well as addiction recovery.

About Drug Addiction Treatment in San Francisco

San Francisco is facing perhaps the worst drug addiction epidemic in the United States. The fourth-largest city in California, San Francisco is a city of contradictions, with the highest per capita income in the country, and yet facing massive problems with addiction and homelessness.

The CDC, local law enforcement and government leaders continue to monitor drug-related crimes and fatalities. As in many areas of the country, California tracks overdose deaths by county, city, and even zip code.

It is estimated that there are more IV drug users (primarily of heroin) at 24,000 than high school students in San Francisco, at roughly 16,000.

Although alcohol doesn’t get as much press as strong narcotics, it is critical to connect local residents with an alcohol rehab center in San Francisco that can customize a treatment plan as soon as possible to reduce their health risks.

Alcohol detox services in San Francisco and drug treatment solutions for opioids, stimulants, and other addictive drugs are clearly more needed than ever.  Elevate’s holistic drug recovery programs provide personalized inpatient and outpatient programs designed to help people achieve sobriety and a path to a happier life in recovery.

California Drug Abuse & Overdose Statistics

Here is how California currently suffers from addiction:

  • 5000 overdose deaths (statewide in 2017)
  • 490 overdose deaths per 100,000 citizens in San Francisco area (2017)
  • 2 out of 10 overdoses related to Fentanyl (2017)
  • 19% mortality rate of overdoses (2017)

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The Elevate Difference

Each program for addiction recovery from Elevate is based around a personalized curriculum, designed and tweaked through cooperation between then patient and our staff.

We use non-12 step methodologies, meaning that our treatment programs are evidence-based and focused on treating the whole person rather than simply the symptoms of addiction. By rebuilding the mind, body and soul in an inclusive, individualized program, our alumnae enjoy a significantly higher recovery rate than the national average.

We focus on several separate but interwoven physical and emotional areas, including:

  • Nutritional support. Giving the brain and body systems the proper fuel and nourishment to fight illness is vital for success. Because a weak body is not capable of fighting off infection, making sound decisions and coping with the trauma of detoxification and recovery activities, our nutritionists plan meals, snacks and supplemental nourishment schedules to supply each individual with everything their body needs to build strong muscles, bones and tissues. As organs recover and cognition improves, dietary guidelines also evolve.
  • Non-12 step treatment using SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery is a four-pillar drug recovery program designed to empower recovering addicts. Each pillar includes evidence-based programming components that reinforce positive lifestyle changes. Participants learn how personal motivation and coping mechanism along with self-expression exercises allow them to achieve a balanced life beyond the treatment center.
  • Ongoing support through all stages of the recovery process. Elevate staff recognize the importance of building and maintaining a healthy support network from enrollment in a drug or alcohol treatment center to after-care program participation and, in some cases, for the rest of one’s life.
  • Fitness for life. Along with nutritious food, our bodies need exercise to thrive. The Elevate experience includes adventure therapy, challenging hikes, indoor sports, and many other fitness training activities to strengthen their muscles, and their mind in preparation for life after detox and treatment.

The Elevate Addiction Services Promise

It makes sense to begin the journey to sobriety with a search for “inpatient drug rehab near me” or “outpatient drug treatment program in the San Francisco area.” On the other hand, simply locating outpatient drug rehab centers nearby may not be the only solution or even the best one for some people.

No matter how someone finds us, Elevate Addiction Services takes every patient seriously. The Elevate recovery team understands that perhaps the most crucial decision any person can make is the one to take the first step toward sobriety at a center that has the curriculum and caring, professional staff to assist them get sober and stay sober.

While every patient has an individualized programs, our inpatient drug treatment center protocol, detoxification treatment and outpatient alcohol treatment are all help to the same standards of conduct and quality service that allow us to be Joint Commission-certified.

Our Treatment Guarantee:

  • A fully comprehensive intake: While all our patients are here to get help with addiction, we understand that circumstances such as medical complications, background, family situation and age can factor into an inpatient drug rehabilitation center’s’ program and treatment choices. We perform a full assessment to determine the best course of action.
  • Individualized treatment and complementary therapy recommendations: Methodologies differ or each client. Where Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness exercises may work best for one client, another may benefit more from family sessions and daily yoga classes to relieve stress and enhance self-awareness beyond the realm of drug misuse.
  • Restoring self-esteem and self-worth: Too many of the people we treat have feelings of guilt and shame for the actions they took while in the throes of addiction. By rebuilding the body, we also focus on rebuilding the spirit, allow our alumni to regain their self-worth, and improve the way they feel about themselves.
  • Aftercare Services: Going back to the “real world” after finishing an inpatient alcohol treatment center or drug rehab program can be both scary and relieving. The Elevate promise of excellence includes a commitment to assisting every client in their re-entry back into the larger world, with lessons on applying sober mindfulness techniques to daily life and a 6-month aftercare guarantee.

Our team (as well as, in many cases, friends and fellow alumnae) stand ready to help when a graduate is feeling triggered or fears a relapse. Aftercare services provide a network of support that isn’t available anywhere else.

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Elevate’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in San Francisco

Drug and alcohol treatment programs normally go into one of two wider categories: inpatient treatment and outpatient treatments. Both alcohol intervention programs and drug intervention programs can be initiated by the addicted person’s family members to encourage a loved one to convince them to sign up for in a treatment program.

The nature of the intervention may change depending on the drug of choices, the length of addiction and whether or not the abuser has previously experienced a relapse.

Non 12 step recovery programs are available in both the inpatient and outpatient formats. Inpatient treatment is a residential solution where the individual lives at the facility for a set period of time while progressing through the program.

This includes 24-hour supervision. Outpatient treatment programs feature counseling sessions and activities on a set on a schedule while the patient lives at home and is free to continue work or school.

Elevate’s non 12 step rehab programs are located in our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers near San Francisco and offer customized solutions to all addiction circumstances, including

  • Detoxification for Drugs and Alcohol: Most every patient entering a rehabilitation program for drug addicts typically has a need for a medically supervised detox period. This is the time when the last remnants of the drugs are removed, along with the toxins which may have built up in the body. Unlike most traditional rehab and 12-step programs, Elevate does not use medicines to replace one drug with another after detox (we do use medicines for safety when needed during detox). The goal is to give patients’ bodies the best chance possible for a chemical-free recovery – starting with the detox period.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation for drug addiction: Our staff and facilities are fully prepared to treat virtually any addiction, including multiple addictions and co-occurring disorders, including trauma and anxiety.
  • Inpatient treatment options for alcoholism: Personalized treatment solutions usually start with an intervention and/or carefully supervised detox period before clients move into a 90-day recovery plan.
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol recovery programs: Outpatient services are ideal for people who can’t afford to take off from school, work, or other responsibilities.  Program lengths can vary depending on the severity of addiction and the frequency of sessions.

Non 12 Step Recovery Centers: Features & Programs

Very often, individuals who need holistic treatment for drug addiction also need dual diagnosis treatment. This means treatment both for an addiction and for a co-occurring mental health disorder such as PTSD or a medical complication like diabetes.

Elevate’s admissions staff works closely with every patient during the initial program planning to ensure all medical and mental health conditions receive appropriate evaluation and treatment.

Part of a good holistic recovery center’s methodology is treating the whole person – mind, body, and soul.  This can be achieved through a variety of fitness and nutrition programs for the body, talk therapy like group meetings for the mind, and experiential therapies like art and music programs for the soul.

Experience has taught us that holistic alcohol rehabilitation centers that focus on the whole person, not just the addiction element, allow our patients and alumnae to do more than become sober. They can grow as people, improving the way they see themselves and helping them to live in the moment.

Addiction treatment centers in San Francisco, like Elevate’s holistic recovery center, support recovering addicts with compassionate, evidence-based counseling methods, excellent nutritional training and an aftercare program designed for success after the 90-day inpatient program ends.


Insurance Options

One of the first questions people ask themselves when looking into rehab is how much their stay will cost. At Elevate, we are proud to accept a number of different insurance plans.


Specialized Addiction Treatment for Common Addictions

The growing addiction problems in San Francisco and across the United States simply highlight the need for improved treatment services.  With the rise of the opioid crisis and the frightening implications of increased amounts of fentanyl on the streets, addicts are at greater risk than ever of overdose and debilitating addiction. So what can be done?

Recognizing drug addiction symptoms and knowing what Elevate treatments are available is a great place to start.

Heroin Treatment Program: Heroin Detox and Treatment start with cleansing the body, without substitute drugs like methadone or Antabuse.

Heroin Treatment Program:

Heroin Detox and Treatment start with cleansing the body, without substitute drugs like methadone or Antabuse.

Symptoms of heroin abuse include:

  • Track marks
  • Lethargic behavior and confusion
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation

Opiate Addiction Treatment: Elevate does not recommend opioid treatment medication; instead, we offer a holistic approach that supports natural healing and recovery.

Opiate Addiction Treatment:

Elevate does not recommend opioid treatment medication; instead, we offer a holistic approach that supports natural healing and recovery.

Many similar symptoms associated with heroin addiction are seen in opioid addiction, because heroin is made from the same poppy plant. One thing to look out for is “doctor shopping,” or visiting many doctors to fill prescriptions for a drug. Doctor shopping is often a sign that some may also need treatment of benzodiazepine dependence.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment:

Symptoms of severe alcoholism generally are both physical and mental in nature. An alcohol abuser gradually needs more alcohol to achieve the desired response, and as misuse turns into addiction, many people will make attempts to hide the signs and symptoms of alcoholism.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms treatment normally focuses on the physical alcohol addiction symptoms:

  • Confusion
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Strokes

Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug addiction is another name for not only the opioid crisis but addiction to benzos and other drugs which have legitimate medical uses. Prescription drug treatment programs are suitable for people who are addicted to sleeping pills, pain medication and sedatives originally prescribed as a temporary or long-term solution to a medical condition. Our core principles include a 100% drug free sobriety, and so we do not assign replacement drugs following detox.

Recognizing Recovering Drug Addiction Symptoms & Recovering Alcoholic Symptoms

Relapse is a normal part of the journey toward sobriety. Some people can’t stand the physical and emotional pain that comes with alcohol detox. While there isn’t a “cure” for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, there are holistic solutions that help patients get through the process. Each treatment plan is customized for the individual and based on the length of addiction and the severity of the condition.

For those who successfully complete an alcohol rehab program, it is vital to recognize recovering addict symptoms to avoid relapse.

Symptoms include:

  • Visiting old friends and former watering holes
  • Defensiveness
  • Avoiding support teams
  • An increased desire to have just one drink

Elevate Offers Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Programs in San Francisco & the Surrounding Areas

Although there are pockets in California where addiction rates and overdose deaths have declined, many communities still struggle to reach drug and alcohol-dependent residents.

Elevate Addiction Services has more than two decades of experience helping people achieve sobriety and personal growth. Our twin facilities’ staffs welcome new arrivals to our peaceful, safe campuses. Call us to schedule an assessment today.

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