More Than the Sum of Your Parts; Why True Recovery Requires Holistic Treatment

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Why Recovery Requires Holistic Healing

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Addiction affects every person differently and one-size-fits-all methods may leave some people in the cold, which might explain why holistic drug rehab works when other treatments don’t. A holistic recovery center approaches treatment from a different perspective than conventional recovery programs in that it recognizes the needs of the individual rather than applying a cookie cutter program of 12 steps that everyone is demanded to adhere to. The holistic approach focuses on the underlying issues which led to addiction and treats every person as the individual they are. The recovery process is still hard and requires effort on the part of the patient, but the holistic approach can be more comfortable while teaching people how their body and mind can function as intended instead of being riddled with the drugs and alcohol which initially led to a need for treatment.

Initial Intervention and Detox

The approach used by holistic drug rehab centers resembles that of more traditional styles of healing in the sense that it starts with an intervention followed by a period of detoxification. Intervention is a time for family and loved ones to air their grievances while asking their loved one to accept the gift of sobriety. At the time, it might not seem like such a nice gesture to the addict, but with sobriety and recovery they do come to realize how much they are loved that their family would offer such help, and that thought sets the stage for holistic drug rehab to begin detox and treatment.

Similar to a conventional treatment program, holistic recovery center treatment begins with a detox program. This is a time for any residual drugs and alcohol, and their effects, to be cleansed from the addict’s body. Both the length of time and process of detoxification depends on each individual addict and is determined by the types of drugs they used and the extent to which they used them. Although detox in the best of circumstances can’t be called “comfortable,” the level of discomfort and potential dangers of stopping drug use cold turkey may require the use of light drugs as a weaning process while the patient becomes accustomed to not having hard drugs or alcohol in their system. Once the immediate goal is achieved and the patient is sober with any existing medical conditions addressed, holistic drug treatment centers can begin the process of teaching the patient how to live without the drugs they have come to rely on.

Forced Versus Natural Healing

Forced healing and natural healing are terms most people are familiar with, but perhaps not from the same perspective as used by a holistic recovery center. In terms of addiction, forced healing happens at the hospital after an accident, in jail or prison, or in some cases with a court order to a state-run treatment facility. Holistic healing, on the other hand, allows for a more comfortable process in which the patient’s immediate symptom of addiction is treated in tandem with determining the underlying causes which led to the affliction.

Exercise and Activity

An aspect of holistic recovery involves exercise and activities, including social events which allow the patient to interact with others in a safe environment. Yoga is a well-known means of relaxation while practicing breathing techniques and meditation, which in turn is a known means of healing by allowing one to find a sense of inner peace which was missing while in the throes of alcohol or drug addiction. Yoga is only one example; holistic drug rehab centers offer other means of both exercise and relaxation to accommodate the needs of patients as they learn how to live without their previous addictions rather than in spite of their previous addictions.

Health and Nutrition

Exercise isn’t the only means to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition is equally important. Although traditional drug treatment programs offer healthy foods, holistic drug rehab tends to provide a healthy diet with substantial vegan meals for those who choose such, or an appropriate portioning of fruits and vegetables to balance a diet for people who eat meat.

Lifestyles: Addiction and Sobriety

Holistic drug treatment centers utilize an approach that allows the addict to express themselves and the issues that led to addiction while finding a cure for the addiction itself and the underlying causes. Holistic drug rehab centers recognize how forced sobriety doesn’t work as a long-term solution, a better plan involves teaching the addict how their life can be more fulfilling when they learn what joy exists outside of drug or alcohol abuse.

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