Outdoor Rehab Programs And Exercise Help Addiction Recovery And Prevent Relapse

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Outdoor Rehab And Exercise Can Help Addiction Recovery

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How You Recover from Addiction Matters

There are many drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers, and most use the same traditional methods, usually based on the 12-step program. An alternative drug rehab program is ideal for people who have tried traditional programs and relapsed, or those who simply want to try a different approach to rehabilitation.

Treatment programs that offer a more active, holistic and individualized approach offer a better chance at long-term recovery.

Outdoor Activities and Exercise in Drug Addiction Recovery

There’s no substitute for experiencing for yourself the power of healthy lifestyle activities. Physical activities, especially those that get recovering addicts outside and interacting with one another, provide real-life experiences that make a strong impression.

Wilderness therapy, also called adventure therapy or experiential therapy, allows those in recovery to take part in activities in nature as a way to work through issues and build trust and confidence. It’s a very effective alternative to talk therapy in an office. The hands-on, experiential nature of adventure therapy provides a more tangible, engaging experience, which in turn leads to more profound growth in the individual.

For people whose lives have been confined to the city and man-made structures, simply getting out in nature provides a change of scenery that sets the foundation for inner change to take place.

Being in a totally different environment far away from the normal stressors of life provides a rich environment for personal reflection and growth.

Holistic Detox For Alcohol, Heroin, And Other Drugs

At Elevate, clients begin their journey with us in a special detox center located on a wooded hill above the rest of the property. This secluded location provides a safe, nurturing environment where holistic and medical support is available 24/7 to help ease the detox process as naturally as possible.

When detox is complete, clients make their way down the mountain to join their peers in the main facility, where they have access to a wide variety of traditional, holistic and recreational activities to support their continued healing.

The Benefits Of Exercise In Addiction Recovery

Exercise – whether it’s an adventure outing, a yoga session or a CrossFit workout – is a big part of the recovery program at Elevate because of the long list of health benefits it provides.

Exercise has proved to be an effective part of addiction treatment because it leads to:

  • Feeling stronger and more physically fit
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Increased confidence
  • A natural rush of endorphins and endocannabinoids (i.e., runner’s high)
  • Better sleep
  • Protection against stress and weight gain
  • An outlet to relieve stress and anxiety
  • A healthy way to cope with cravings
  • A fun, energizing and relaxing way to fill your time

Alternative Drug and Alcohol Recovery Programs that Prevent Relapse

Whereas traditional programs will teach about the importance of changing your lifestyle and creating better habits, an activity-based alternative treatment program actually gives clients hands-on practice in creating healthy habits.

The result? Real experiences and skills they can take home to sustain their commitment to recovery.

In addition to evidence-based practices like individual and group therapy, an alternative treatment program like the one at Elevate will include:

  • Experiential activities that help individuals take responsibility for their own lives while releasing blame and shame over past experiences
  • Recreational activities that provide physical exercise, building strength and confidence
  • Daily practice with new healthy habits like exercise and nutritious eating
  • Regular meditation and mindfulness practices that provide relaxation, relieve stress and cravings, and build confidence
  • Social activities that help build interpersonal connections and improve conversational skills

Alternative To 12-Step Programs

Our non-12-step approach also offers additional flexibility for those looking for alternatives to the AA/12-step model, which can alienate some recovering addicts or leave them feeling boxed in to a limiting approach.

The group counseling and social activities at Elevate provide the same opportunities for personal expression and bonding that make 12-step meetings popular.

In addition, our philosophy is extremely empowering, rejecting the idea that drug and alcohol users are victims of their addiction. We firmly believe that permanent recovery is possible for every individual who truly has the desire to build a new, happy, healthy and balanced life. Our program gives clients the awareness, skills and tools needed to take back control of their lives from addiction and reshape their future as they desire.

Individualized, Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment

Because every person experiences addiction in his or her own unique way, it’s important that addiction treatment be highly customized to the individual. At Elevate, we tailor our program as needed for each client, and allow them to move through each phase of rehab at their own pace, not just according to a date on a calendar.

Our comprehensive, holistic program is designed to treat the whole individual – mind, body and spirit. It consists of the following recovery strategies:

  • Holistic, medically supervised detox clears the body of toxic and mood-altering substances.
  • Proper nutrition and moderate exercise help bring the body’s systems back to normal, healthy functioning.
  • Empowering education and counseling sessions help clients gain mental clarity.
  • Counseling and exercise provide appropriate outlets for emotional clearing.
  • A combination of quiet reflection and confidential discussion help realign actions with deeply held values and aspirations.
  • Outdoor, recreational and social activities provide healthy ways to experience fun and enjoyment.
  • One-on-one counseling helps clients create a long-term plan for their new life after rehab.

By combining holistic treatment methods, complementary clinical methods and outdoor rehab, our clients not only clear their bodies of drugs and alcohol, they also begin creating active and healthy lifestyles that support them in lifelong recovery.

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