Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center That Cares as Much as You Do

Help Your Client Recover Successfully With Holistic Alcohol and Drug Treatment

You care about your clients and want to ensure their safety and prosperity. When you discover that a client has a drug or alcohol addiction, naturally you want to refer them to a high-quality rehabilitation center that cares about them as much as you do.

Elevate Addiction Services has been treating addiction for 20-plus years in Northern California. We don’t just help people get sober; we help our clients truly elevate their lives to a higher level of happiness and success.

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Common Questions About Our Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

What kind of referral professionals do you work with?

Where is Elevate Addiction Services located?

Is treatment available to residents outside of California?

What insurance plans do you accept?

Can you guarantee that treatment will be successful?

Is Elevate Addiction Services accredited?

What is Elevate’s philosophy regarding addiction and recovery?

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