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You care about your clients and want to ensure their safety and prosperity. When you discover that a client has a drug or alcohol addiction, naturally you want to refer them to a high-quality rehabilitation center that cares about them as much as you do.

Elevate Addiction Services has been treating addiction for 20-plus years in Northern California. We don’t just help people get sober; we help our clients truly elevate their lives to a higher level of happiness and success.

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Common Questions About Our Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

What kind of referral professionals do you work with?

We build relationships with many different types of professionals whose jobs involve serving clients’ health and well-being, and who encounter people with addictions that are inhibiting the professional’s ability to help the client reach their success goals.

These types of professionals include:

  • Sports coaches
  • CrossFit gym owners
  • Lawyers
  • Therapists, counselors and life coaches
  • Doctors and other medical professionals

Where is Elevate Addiction Services located?

Elevate has two inpatient locations and one outpatient location in northern California. The main facility is located in Watsonville, in Santa Cruz County. The second inpatient treatment center is in South Lake Tahoe. And our outpatient facility is located in Aptos – also in Santa Cruz County. Learn more about our facilities here.

Is treatment available to residents outside of California?

Yes. In fact, many of our clients come to us from out of state. Our admissions staff can provide information on and help with the logistics for traveling to here.

What insurance plans do you accept?

We accept all major insurance carriers, including:

  • Humana
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Cigna
  • Health Net
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Presbyterian

Insurance coverage varies from plan to plan, so use our insurance verification form to confirm your coverage with us, especially if your insurance provider isn’t listed above.

We also accept private payments, and can help with finding financing for rehab if necessary.

Can you guarantee that treatment will be successful?

We understand that each individual has free will and that sometimes relapse happens, even after the best of treatment programs. However, we have such a high success rate and robust aftercare program that we offer a 6-month guarantee to support those individuals who need to return to us to get back on track. You can learn more here.

Is Elevate Addiction Services accredited?

Yes. Elevate is accredited by The Joint Commission, the gold standard for accreditation in the drug rehab industry. We are licensed and certified to operate in the state of California by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

We’re also proud to have a 5-star customer satisfaction ranking on Consumer Affairs. Click the link to see client reviews.

In addition, we’re members of the NAATP, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

What is Elevate’s philosophy regarding addiction and recovery?

We believe that addiction is a manifestation of a deep physical, emotional and spiritual dilemma that can be resolved. Therefore, we do not believe that once this dilemma has been resolved that addicts will continue to suffer from an incurable disease.

We believe that addicts can be restored to living without the need for mind-altering substances. Therefore, we do not believe in replacing drugs or alcohol with other substances or medications that alter cognitive or emotional functions.

We believe that the solution to addiction is two-fold: First, it is necessary to alleviate the physical and emotional aspects of addiction; and second, it is essential to strengthen our clients’ personal determination, self-respect and confidence so they can live a successful life.

We believe that every person is free to have their own set of core beliefs. We allow our clients to accept or reject any part of the teachings administered during their program. We ask only that our clients sincerely engage in all lessons and activities with the intent of affirming, expanding or shifting their views to healthier ones.

We do not believe that people are victims. We acknowledge that some of our clients have been victimized by life circumstances. However, we firmly believe that when they tackle and overcome their problems by accepting responsibility, they can create the life they desire.

We believe that life is to be enjoyed by those who put forth positive effort. Life should not be lived in shame, guilt or regret. Life can and should be fun, fulfilling and rewarding.

We believe the present is the only time where life, action and change occurs. By addressing the present, our clients can alter the course of their future.

We believe that laughter, joy and happiness in the present are more important than dwelling in yesterday’s failures and pain. We help our clients address and take responsibility for their sorrows, regrets and pains of the past so they can more fully experience and enjoy the present.

We do not advocate any particular religion, deity or gods. We support our clients in their personal quest for enlightenment regardless of what belief system they choose.

We believe that self-betterment under any circumstance is a very noble pursuit. We support our clients and the constructive methodologies that will genuinely fulfill those pursuits.

We are committed to our clients who honestly seek help. We support our graduates’ positive goals and hope to see that they succeed on their chosen paths. Get in touch with our drug and alcohol treatment center by calling the number below.

We’re glad that you’ve decided to help your client overcome addiction with our holistic alcohol and drug treatment center.

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