California Treatment Center Offering Non-12-Step Drug Rehab Programs

Elevated Addiction Services is committed to offering innovative, individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment to clients coming from California and beyond. Our non-12-Step drug rehab programs are based on progress and results, not time. The average time for our inpatient program is 90 days, but if a client needs more time, he or she can stay in the program until feeling comfortable to return home as a sober, changed individual.

In addition to offering forms of treatment other than the 12 Steps, we also try to avoid prescribing mind-altering medications to help people break their addiction. Our goal is to wean all clients off harmful substances – be it alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription painkillers, anti-anxiety meds, sleep aids, etc.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs at Elevate consist of four phases:

  1. Detox
  2. Physical Healing
  3. Emotional Healing
  4. Aftercare

Holistic Healing

Our Non-12-Step Rehab Programs for Total Healing Include:

Elevate Addiction Services is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission. To learn more about the various components of our non-12-Step drug rehab programs, continue reading.

Intervention Services

Having trouble getting a loved one into treatment? While you shouldn’t blame yourself (it’s not easy, after all), you also don’t want to wait too long to get the person help. The next overdose could be fatal.

Give us a call if you’re having trouble convincing a family member that he or she needs to undergo treatment. We have professional interventionists on staff who can meet you at your home (or any desired location) and then set up and perform an intervention.

Intervention Services

Holistic Detox Services

For most forms of addiction, a detox period is required to overcome the discomfort associated with withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.  Typically medication is prescribed for the detox period to ensure a safe and more comfortable process.  However, at Elevate, we also focus more on holistic ways of healing, rather than simply handing out medication to each and every client and doing nothing else.

We supply nutritional supplements during this time to give the body what it needs to replenish itself.  We also employ treatment such as massage therapy and aromatherapy, light guided walks and relaxing and getting needed rest.  While we prescribe some medication to help during the hardest days of withdrawal, our goal is to get each client off all harmful substances before they move on to the next phase of treatment.

Detox at Elevate

Individualized Inpatient Treatment Program

Each phase of care lasts approximately 25 days at Elevate, but it depends on the client. We don’t push them along into the next phase until they are ready, or until we believe they have made the goals set out for that phase of treatment.

Early in our inpatient program, clients move from detox into the first phase where they learn physical fitness, mindfulness, addressing their addictive behaviors and learning about themselves.  As they move throughout the program, they do one-on-one counseling and positive group and experiential therapy to address personal issues.  In the last 30 or so days of the program, our focus switches to addressing practical life skills such as how to take responsibility for the past and deal with real issues such as making amends to family, establishing and sticking to healthy goals and learning what it takes to live a balanced life.  One-on-one and group counseling as well as mindfulness and addiction education are intensified during this time.

Inpatient Program

Comprehensive Aftercare Services

Rehabilitation is an ongoing contract between Elevate and its clients, even long after they have graduated our inpatient program. In the same vein, Elevate offers some of the most unique aftercare services you’ll find among addiction treatment centers.

Each client is assigned one counselor who will call and check up on them after graduation, both for support and to address issues as needed.   Every client leaves Elevate with a structured post-treatment plan, and their aftercare services are covered by their original fees for the program.

Aftercare Services

Enduring Alumni Support

Elevate is committed to the long-term health and sobriety of our graduates (aka alumni). We show this by referring recent graduates to sober support groups in their hometown. We also accept some alumni into our Vocational Training and Internship program, which gives them a chance to help others who are currently walking the same path that they once did.

Additionally, if relapse occurs and the graduate has been following their discharge plan, alumni are invited to return to our facility for as many as 30 days of treatment (so long as a bed is open). At Elevate, you’re never left to fend for yourself even after completing our inpatient program and returning home.

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