Elevate Addiction Services offers innovative, individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment to clients coming from northern California and beyond.

Our non-12-Step drug rehab programs are based on progress and results, not time. The average time for our inpatient program is 90 days, but if a client needs more time, he or she can stay in the program until feeling comfortable to return home as a sober, changed individual.

In addition to offering forms of treatment other than the 12 Steps, we also try to avoid prescribing mind-altering medications to help people break their addiction. Our goal is to wean all clients off harmful substances – be it alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription painkillers, anti-anxiety meds, sleep aids, etc.

Residential drug and alcohol rehab programs at Elevate consist of four phases:

  1. Detox
  2. Physical Healing
  3. Emotional Healing
  4. Aftercare

Elevate Addiction Services is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.